Help on ME/DE 16 Week Cycle

Ok so I’m going to start a 16 week training cycle. I have one “meet” (WABDL bench only) meet that I am going to do until a full power meet in July. Its my gym’s yearly meet that is sanctioned by USAPL.

I am thinking about doing the conjugate method and yes I will buy the book. I am thinking about doing the first 4 weeks raw, upping the intensity to heavy 1RM’s with the use of specialty bars, bands, chains, and weight releases, and of course straight weight. All squats will be done on a box, I’ll be squatting and deadlifting every week, I’m not advanced enough, and my deadlift isnt good enough to not do that. All upper body will also be done raw for 4 weeks as the same as above. for the Bench I might go to 6 weeks, and do 3 weeks straight of floor press, then 3 weeks of 2 or 3 board press.

The second 4 week span I will be putting on my squat suit and will still be box squatting, but I wont be putting straps up. I will be starting with 5 rep maxes and working my way up to 1 rep maxes. Still squatting and deadlifting every week. For by bench I will be putting on my shirt and doing all full ROM. I will go 1 week in shirt, 2 out of shirt, 1 in shirt.

The Third 4 Week span I will be doing only box squats the weeks I do bands. I will be doing all box squats out of a mono lift, and the weeks I’m using chains or other equipment ill be walking out squats. The bench will be 3 weeks in gear, 1 week out of it. This time I will start a 3RM and work up to 1RM

The last 4 week span I will be in full gear, no box squats, and In shirt the whole time and straps up on suit the whole time.

Excluding deadlift I will be doing the same things (bands,chains,etc) on the same ME days in that particular meet. I cant use weight releasers on deadlift so thats why. I will rotate assistance work every 2-3 weeks, dropping exercises the closer I get to the meet. I might also drop speed work the last 2-3 weeks of the training cycle. It will look somewhat like this

Sunday: DE bench

Monday: DE squat, ME deadlift

Wednesday: ME upper

Friday, ME Squat

Does this look like its a good idea? thanks for reading its a lot, I apologize for that