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Help on Mag-10 Cycle

Ok guys I want to do a 8 week cycle of Mag-10 (to go with an 8 week 3x3 workout). What are people suggestions? Should I do 8 weeks straight of Mag-10 (4 bottles) then at the end throw a few weeks off Tribex and M. Someone from the Mag-10 challenge told me he did 8 weeks of Mag-10 double dose and he seemed fine with it. Or should I go with a 2 weeks of Mag-10 then 2 weeks of M and Tribex and repeat that one more time? Or instead of 8 weeks of straight Mag-10 how about just like 4 or 6 weeks straight and then the remainder tribex and M? Just like to hear what you people have to say about all this. Thanks guys and have a Merry X-mas.


I asked a similar question recently, and from what I gather, the guys who have been using mag 10 for longer periods of time have been using clomid to speed recovery. That is a bit different than just using tribex and M. I can’t imagine your recovery would be too swift without it. You might see better gains by doing three or four mag-10 two weekers followed by tribex and M on off weeks.

My own personnal favorite cycle is 2 weeks on, 1 week off, 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. Repeat.

Alternatively, you could apply the Mag-10 Plan for Success dosage scheme and, if you eat big and train hard, you’ll see great gains anyway.

the best mag 10 cycle with out a doubt is this one. so listen up boy. 4 weeks straight mag 10(2 servings a day). followed by four weeks straight trib/ m. repeat. its pricey but worth it for those in between gear cyles, and those who like legal product. of course make sure your significant other is ready for serious action. also insure that you have some spare nutrigena around, youll need i if you are prone to acne. also eat like a king. youll actually bulk up off of this stuff. its great isnt it!!!