Help on Hybrid Workout

Hey guys, I didn’t really start training seriously until about Feb 2014. This is my current workout for a hybrid strength/hypertrophy routine. I’m about 155lbs right now and want to cut some fat because I bulked up really dumb and just ate everything in sight. After that, I will bulk at a much slower rate. My goals are simply half and half, I want to gain mass but also be strong. My current bench max is about 235, deadlift max about 365, and squat max 255 (torn meniscus from a few months ago, trying to build back up), and military press about 155lb. I need some advice to either stick with current program and modify a few exercise or is there any recommendation on another 4 day hybrid program I should go on. Thanks!

Bench Press 3x3-5
Incline DB 3x6
Close Grip Bench 3x8
DB Fly 3x10
Chest Dips 3x10

Heavy Deadlift 3x3
BB Row 3x5
DB Rows 3x8
Lat Pulls 3x8
DB Curl 3x8
Hammer Curls 3x8

DB Shoulder Press 3x5
Lateral Raise 3x8
Bent Over Lateral Raise 3x8
Front Raise 3x10
BB Upright Row 3x8
DB Shrugs 3x10
Speed Press DB

Back Squat 3x5
Front Squat 3x5
Leg Extension 3x8
Leg Curl 3x8
Calf Raise 3x12

Honestly, that looks like a fairly cut and dried hypertrophy program that’s had its set and rep ranges changed a bit to promote strength. I’m not sure it’ll do what you want it to.

At your bodyweight, if you get stronger you’ll get bigger so you’d probably be better of ditching the idea of training for size while getting stronger and just train to get stronger.

IMO your best bet would be 5/3/1 Boring But Big. As far as I’m aware that’s as close to your perfect program as possible. Here’s the T-Nation article explaining how it works:

I think your routine looks OK. Even better than OK, especially for a beginner. You hit everything, you have a nice mix of barbells/dumbbells. Good job.

If you want to stick to more bodybuilder style training keep your frame work the same, but rotate exercises. Stuff like barbell standing presses on shoulder day, stiff leg deadlifts and chins on back day. Lunges and step ups on leg day. JM presses and cheat curls swapped for close grip bench and dumbbell curls. The routine will be the same, but the exercises will be different. I would start doing more sets though. Like 5-7 sets, working up on your big moves, 4-5 sets for secondary exercises like front squats, BB rows, inclines.

Also, be sure to hit that mid section! Side bends on bench day, landmine abs and back raises on deadlift day. Hanging leg raises and glute work on squat day. Pulldown abs before shoulders. Strength starts in your mid section.

Someone say hybrid?..