Help on Havoc PCT, Low on SERM


A little about me. I am 41 been lifting seriously for about 5 yrs.

Age 41
Height 180
weight 187lb

squat 5x5 x150kg ( no real hassle still increasing)
Bench 5x5x 225 lb
dead 5x5x 330

I have earlier run Helledrol and used Nolva as PCT.

I am considering either protodrol or Havoc for my next and last ever cycle and have a few questions.

I live somewhere where getting a SERM is really difficult and importing is really extremely risky. I have 15x20mg nolva tabs left that would give me enough for a 20/10/10 pct.

I do have access to revolution black and AX perfect PCt though.

I also have cycle support, creatine etc.

I currently am using the SL 5x5 system with good effect but want to add a little more mass as well. I am 41 years old and just want to look well trained. Am looking for some size increase and some fat loss but nothing that is too fast and that gives the game away to people. I would therefore contine to run the compound excercises and add some more isolation into the program as i go

I have researched Protodrol and it would appear there is a risk for hairloss and that some /all lot of the weight is water weight.

Havoc /epi has been around a long time, all reviews have said that the gains are moderate and are dry and maintainable but of late i have stumbled across a few reviews and logs that show that there appears to be a chance of oestrogenic rebound post cycle.

Due to cost ( believe me here it is not cheap) i would be running 20/then 30mg until end of bottle. Normal support supps on cycle with no creatine.the 20mg would be to guage reaction

1 week before end of cycle would see 5g DAA pr day as well

End of cycle would see the following.

week 1 daa, creatine, and 20mg nolva ED
week 2 Daa,creatine, and 10 mg nolva ED
week 3 DAA creatine and 10 mg nolva ED
week 4 onwards Revolution black pct

As i mentioned i am limited as to what i can get hold of so would like to hear the experts advice on the proposal above. IS the amount of SERM ok as the pct protocol along with the revolution? IS the revolution maybe not even needed at all ( if the 3 weeks of SERM are enough?)

Thanks for your time and i hope for some feedback . cycle start planned late december /early jan 14.


Due to time restraints i would need to order the havoc etc medio september so any advice is greatly appreciated. Thankd

Save your money if you’re going the prohormone route. That stuff is garbage. You won’t get many responses because this is not a prohormone area and the vets won’t even waste their time. My advice, try looking into real gear and based off of your age, go to the Doc, get some labs done, see where your T levels are at. You may be lucky enough to get on TRT and then you’d be good to go with that for a while.

Based on the fact that you said “medio September” I am assuming you live in a Spanish speaking country… Can’t you just go down to the corner pharmacy and get what you need?

Thanks for the responses.
Firstly can you point me towards the right forum for this question?
Secondly i am not based in a spanish speaking country. I am based in one of the strict scandinavian ones. Strict to the degree that its only the last couplenof years you have been able to buy ibrufen in supermarkets.
Again thanks for the help