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help on food


hi guys,

i'm a 31 year old man from europe.
I'm 1.88 meter and 84 kg at 13,5 % bf.
My goal is to reach 90 kg at 8 % bf by june 2004.

Where i live nobody knows anything on food for bodybuilders. So i'm thankfull to berardi and other guys on this forum who know a lot and where i can learn from.

I try to follow the lean eating diet from berardi, but don't understand everything completely. So i hope you can clear some things out for me.

I understand that timing and type of carbs is really important. SO i will
give you an example of a non-workout day and an workout day.

My proteine comes from sources like :
low fat milk, whey prote?ne, tuna, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese.
My carbs come from sources like :
all vegetables, oranges, kiwi, banana,
apple, pear, peaches, grapes, oatmeal,
pasta, dark brown bread, potatoes.
My fats come from olive oil.

example :

non-workout day :

7 am : 1 glas of prot?ine shake (whey + low fat milk)
1 can tuna fish
1 can rice-milk
1 banana
1 peach + 1 kiwi
(appr 500 cal)

10 am : 1 serving oatmeal in low fat milk + 1 scoop whey
1 banana
1 apple
1/4 gallon water

12:30 am : potatoes + cauliflower +
tomatosauce + croquet filled with cheese
1 kiwi
1 yoghourt
2 glasses of water

15:30 : 1/4 gallon water
1 can milk-rice
1 yoghourt
1 peace of fuit
1 prot shake (low fat milk + 3 scoopes of whey)

18:30 : turkey + potatoes + carrotes
1 piece of fruit

21:00 : 1 can of tuna fish
1 glass of low fat milk

an workout-day :
pretty much the same, except :

15:30 u an extra can rice-milk
+ a shake containing low fat milk, whey (1 scoope) + weightgainer (2 scoopes) (fructose)

right after workout a shake conatining lot fat milk + whey + fructose

21:00 a can tuna fish or cottage chees + prot shake

  • 1 extra hour of sleep. Normally 7 1/2 hour - 8 hours of sleep.

I guess i make a few mistakes because i'm hardly gaining and can lose fat.

a word on my training :

2 days a week : an intense workout that lasts max 50 minutes. Each muscle ones a week.

ones a week an moderate endurance sport (cycling, running,swimming).

I take the bike each day to go to work : that's appr. 8-9 km a day.

Waiting desperatly for you're suggestions.

PS : appolagize me for my bad english but it ain't my native language.



You need to taper the carbs more. Don't have potatoes, carrots, and milk that late. I'm not sure how much cheese is in a croquet, but you may want to remove that item. Train more than twice a week. That's an achievable goal by June 04. Exchange some of that tuna for sardines or salmon. You didn't say what part of Europe, but I know some have very high quality sardines for cheap. Overall your diet looks very healthy, but it could probably benefit most from some dark leafy greens like spinach or arugula and red meat.