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Help on DHEA Results

HI 44 year old male from australia, about a week ago and I had a blood test for testosterone, free testosterone, shbg fai and dheas. My testosterone was 18 nmol (10.0-33…0) , free testosterone was 307 pmol/l (150-700), shbg was 46 nmol/l (13-71). The two readings for dheas where 1.1 umol/l (2.2-13.8) and dheas 400 ng/ml (800-5100).
Back in 2016 my testosterone was 8nmol which was a low reading, did another test a month later and bounce to 16nmol. I was pretty stressed out and over doing it training etc, for the low reading I guess.
I know 18nmol is pretty much average levels for a male my age. My question is the dheas levels are low, my doctor said she would look up for me what supplements might help increase dheas levels. Still waiting to hear from her, plus i know that dhea supplements are illegal in australia. My cortisol levels where 460 nmol/l (220-720) I do get anxiety at times especially in social interaction, but it is manageable. I have eliminated all caffeine since receiving my results, as i have done a little research that anxiety and too much caffeine are not good for the adrenal glands which produce dheas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

DHEA helps creat other hormones including testosterone and estrogen. Canada has DHEA by prescription only as well, but over the counter in the US.

TRT decreases my high cortisol which is a benefit which also annihilates any remaining Tourette’s Syndrome symptoms which is triggeredby high cortisol, low-T induces high cortisol in some men.

DHEA-S is a good marker for adrenal insufficiency.

Consult your physician regarding the need for a functional test, ie the ACTH test to diagnose adrenal insufficiency.
If this is confirmed you need appropriate treatment which is not only DHEA supplementation.

Is there merit to those endos that say dheas is on the low end because of trt?

It makes sense to me that body knows you need less dhea to convert to testosterone.

Serum DHEA S is predominantly secreted by the adrenal glands and thereby not affected by LH shutdown due to TRT.
This makes it a highly specific marker for adrenal function.

It has been shown that TRT does not alter cortisol secretion, ie function of the adrenal glands.

Brain DHEA S is partly under the control of LH, but this does not contribute to serum DHEA S. Thats why some physician recommend DHEA S supplementation on TRT.

Just ad a side note, my DHEA S did not change pre vs now on TRT.

@johann77 my dheas is low normal. Would it be wise to supplement?
My cortisol was fine.

I tried it previously and it seemed to cause belly water retention. After a few weeks on it also started getting the burning eyes during the day for a while. At the same time I ceased the dhea I also lowered my dose from about 115 to 100. I tend to lean or was the dhea supps though because I think it happened before when I tried it.

I did take labs during dhea supplementation my levels were high normal. I only supplemented 10mg.

Do you have preTRT levels of DHEA S?

I will check other labs. But I see a dhea reading right after I started injections. I def don’t have pre trt. But I remember it being higher after I started.

I heard the Gordon podcast yesterday on clomid and how he think the male version of clomid may come available (eclomephine sp?). You can see my only readings after a month on clomid 12/4 lab.
I remember feeling ok (i think)but I think the reading in this forum made me think injections only way. And that 500 t was low. So I went to injection.


From Nov 2019

If 1990 is you birth year than you are definitely below the average DHEA S level of your age. This would be around 250 to 300.

But your current levels are definitely above the threshold that would suggest AI. Cortisol is also fine.

Honestly not sure what I would do in your situation, maybe just accept for now and remeasure in 1 to 2 months.

Ok. Am 43.

Same here. 35 years old and my Dhea-s is 125’ish before and after TRT

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I guess you also found it not necessary to supplement.

I didn’t feel any different when I took Dhea so I didn’t stick to it. I’ve been curious about the adrenal insufficiency topic for a while but there’s so much bad info out there I never really got very far with it

thanks everyone for the replies. I was thinking on the lines of adrenal insuffiency or adrenal fatigue. Might need to change doctors with a better understanding of low dheas in males etc