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Help on Cycle

Hey im new here… Looking for advice on a cycle, I have done about 10 cycles ranging from, suss,deca,test e, test prob, winny, and tren e so I have som experience. Lately I wanted to try tren ace. I originally wanted to tren ace ad test prop.

Unfortunately im really struggling to.find test prop which suck big time… I have only 11mils of test prop, I also have 3 vials of tren ace 75mg per mil and 2 vials of masteron 100mg ml… I can get any other test just no prop.i qas tginking pf running 75mg eod tren ace 100mg masteron.eod and 50mg of prop eod untill the prop runs out then was thinking of just using sus at half a mill eod… Any thoughts??

Any feedback would be appreciated

Look harder for test prop; not sure why that specific ester is hard to find, but just keep looking.

You didn’t say any stats or goals or anything at all, so I can’t guess what cycle would be best for you.

How much sust you have?

I’d start the sust from the start so you crash when the test p is out

Pin the shorter esters ED imo

Havent got and suss yet, or I could gets test 400. I thought it would be bettee to start on prop so it kicks in same time as tren ace ?

You can run the sust with the prop and use the prop while the longer esters in the sust build up,