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Help on Carb Cycling for Bulking


I am trying to bulk up right now and using the carb cycling method as set out by CT.

On my high carb days, i consume 330g (im a small guy).

I currently consume 230g before 1pm and the remaining 90g in my pwo shake and meal.

I think i need to change my meals so I consume more carbs pwo, but the question I have is how much of the daily carb allowance should i consume pwo?

Would it be wise to consume 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 pwo e.g. 165g before 1pm and 165g pwo?


In my experience, I like to have at least two carb heavy meals within four or five hours of PWO (in addition to the shake). I also like to have meal with carbs preworkout.