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Help on Beginner Diet Plan



I am taking back BB after years of stopping. 26 y/o here.

My diet, as it was before, was horrible. Like no breakfast, sometimes no dinner and huge lunch. I want to go to a healthier diet.

My goal : gain mass. I am 6'0, 160 pds. Body fat is something like 18%...

Bad point : I can not take any protein shake... I don't digest them, even high quality whey isolate, caseine is horrible : I get bloaty stomach and belly pain, and breakouts.

So I need to plan a 4 meal a day plan + 1 snack, as I work a lot.

This should be like :

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Snack

  • Dinner

  • Pre night snack

I have to go light on dairy (preferably no milk, cottage cheese is OK)... and take multivit & omega fish oil.

I know how to deal with Lunch + dinner but I need input on Breakfast, Snack & Pre-night snack...

Any ideas / recipes / etc ??




so you're basically asking for someone to write you out a specific detailed meal plan (something that you pay for... and quite a lot depending on the coach) for free?

did you even search around for a basic meal plan?

Figure out how many calories you need and what you want your macro breakdown to look like. Then divide your calories up into meals so that you hit your daily requirements.

Its not hard it just takes a little time and research to figure it all out. No one is going to spoon feed you a plan.


What the hell, man. Two days ago, you were 25 years old, 170 pounds, and having whey shakes and casein shakes almost everyday.

Whatever. It would be great if you got your story straight. In the meantime, use this to figure out what to eat:


LOL, he was also "Starting bulking out again" in the other thread.

@OP, you need to get all of your personalities on the same page. If one is bulking and can handle whey and casein but the other is dieting and gets bloated from them you will inevitably have problems.


Start off by:

-getting 1-1.5g protein per lb bodyweight

-0.4-1g EFA/lb bw

-eating vegetables and fruits every day

-hitting your calorie target with other foods of your choice, using your adult discretion.


I believe that someone posted the link to something they made awhile ago, swole.me is the site.

If I'm not allowed to link it sorry mods.


Not sure if you are "for real" or not but you should get an allergy test done. Get a real one from a doctor, not some hippie :slight_smile: