Help on a New Cycle

Proposed Cycle
W 1-12 T-400 200mg EOD
W 1-12 Letro .6mg E3D (Also have Adex if needed, Heard Letro is better but not real sure)
W 8-13 HCG 250IU E4D
Also Nolva on hand in case lumps or itching shows up

W 14-16 Nolva 20/20/10/10
Clomid 50/50/50/50

On hand
T-400 400mg, A mix of Test-E, Test-C and a small amount of Test_P

5 days a week weight training with 1 day of cardio( May throw cardio in on training days to keep weight down) Been training for the biggest part of 3 years, here in the last 6 months ive really stepped it up.
Diet is about 80% spot on. Not perfect but its close. Currently @ 2500 calories a day carbs under 300 per day, mixed with some healthy fats

245 lbs
6ft 1in
16-18% body fat
test low 200s before starting TRT

Decrease body fat gain muscle
Better physique, More ripped look
Stregnth, and more energy is just a plus

Bloating- Im already a big guy I don’t want to add a lot of water weight
Gyno- I already have a lil gyno/ man boobs. Nothing crazy but its there and always has been.
Adex or Letro? So many difernt opinions not sure whats best for me with my goals and concerns
HCG- Again Ive heard so many diferent views not sure if what I have planned is good

Ive did my share of research over the last 3 months almost every evening. Ive learned a lot but its hard to personalize the info. Which is why I manned up and decided to post.
A lil info. I was diagnosed with low -t about 5 weeks ago. I was on TRT @ 100mg p/week. To make a long story short found a outlet for test, did the math. Its much cheaper and Ill get a lot more to run my own cycles. Took 1st shot 4 days ago T-400 200mg, 2nd shot yesterday T-400 200mgs. I will be starting my cycle at the 1st shot of the T-400. Not the TRT. I figure my test was so low and the doses were so low it wouldn’t effect this cycle. Does that make sense?
I did receive my test only before all my other stuff so wasnt able to start week 1 with letro or adex. Should I just pick right up with normal doses when it comes in.( Which will be in 5 or 6 days) Or should I load up? I know I normally should have waited until I got it all but I discontinued my TRT injections to save money so in my mind I didn’t want to go a week without test and screw what levels I did have up. Also I know Test is not a quick fix but a tool. I have low-t and already train. Its cheaper for me to run a cycle as Im a single dad. Also since I already train and have been training it seems like a perfect fit and a good time. I just need to fine tune my plan if you guys could help. Thanks in advance for any help. All comments and ideas will be gladly accepted. Thank you for your time.

You planing on resuming TRT after the cycle? If so why the pct?

No. Sorry Buds, I must’ve posted wrong. No TRY after this cycle. Or ever actually. From here on out only running proper gear cycles.

Can anyone give some feedback?

Why would you not continue trt with test levels below 200? If I were you id forget the cycles and just stay on trt if money is tight and you can’t do both.

TRT is much more expensive.I have no insurance I was paying $145 a week. A test cycle is actually much less. I have already used the money and got my gear now to.Even if I had to go back to TRT now I couldnt. So I’m hoping I made the right decision. In my mind I did. I definitely weighed out my options before I made the switch. It just seemed with everything I read and my financial situation it was the right choice. Now I just hope my cycle is layed out right.

Be warned, with your already low T your gains might diappear rather quickly. Maybe with pct a restart may be possible

That’s why I posted on this site. You guys are awesome. I wouldn’t of even thought about that BUDs. Thanks for the heads up man.
That kind of scares me to be honest, I want to keep my gains of course.
So I’m guessing by a restart with pct, you’re saying run pct and then start another cycle so that my test levels Dont dwindle away?
How would that go, meaning when would I start the test back up. If I understood what you were saying. Thanks for the input.

What I mean restart is your body might come back and start producing Higher levels of T after pct. some people with low T have done basically a pct and there levels recover. It maybe possible for you but you never know.

You could run your cycle and pct then get bloods at the end of pct then 4 weeks after pct and compare and see how your levels are and if they are still low for you then maybe TRT is the route to go.

I will deffinatly give that a shot Thx for the advice

Im no expert, but it sounds like your goal is to somehow get back to normal test levels and never have need for AAS.

Restarting natural production after supressing due to AAS use is one thing. The fact that you have low test that is not due to ASIH (anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism) is another. There is some other issue that is causing your low t. If you were diagnosed with trt as the treatment method its likely because your docs didnt see another option.

Where I am I saw a gp an endocrinologist and a urologist before they said trt was my only option.

If sourcing it on your own is cheaper do that but follow your prescribed protocol.

If you do want to blast I would say rather than a pct cruise with trt doses after or else you will likely lose all gains as mentioned above, due to your underlying low test.

If you do want to attempt a “restart” I would look at running a longer period with a slow taper off the test 400. Allowing an even more gradual acclimation with the use of hcg and your pct protocol. They key to this as with any cycle is the pct. Do not cut any corners here if your goal is to restart.

Sorry for the rant… steroids dont make you strong eating big and hitting the gym do. You arent eating enough to really justify a cycle on AAS. And if you want to keep it clean and not gain mire fat weight Id say 300 carbs is too high. Imo

Just my 2 cents.