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Help on a Hypertrophy Pullup Program


Hi Guys, i can currently do 3x 10 pullups with 5 minute rest in between.

My max pullups is 11.

I'd like to do a hypertrophy pullup workout.

I am currently doing 3 sets but i gues i should do more volume?

Also if i can do 11 pullups with 70kg bodyweight i figure my 1rm is something like 96kgs. making one bodyweight pullup slightly less than 70% of my 1rm or on the lowest side anyway.

When i check the set/reb bible i would want to do 36-50 reps with a 70-80% of 1rm weight. So i could add 1-5 kg's or something. And take 60-120 second of rest between sets.

But how the hell would i get to 36 reps?
I recover horribly between sets, if i do 11 reps and rest 1 minute i could probably do only 5 or less,so my total reps would be something like 25. So should i do something more like 10x 4? to get more volume. ( I guess don't fully understand the importance of volume and little rest between sets for hypertrofy)

Sorry for the incoherent rant, i just wanted to put some information out there about where im currently at.

Could someone advise me on a good "program" ( just sets and reps)for hypertrophy with my current stats.



chris shugert has currently something on the front page of this site, pullup project


^ Looks interesting, but i'm doing stronglifts and i am just looking for some accessorie work to do every other workout, i'm not going to do chins every day.


If you're just looking to build volume, something like EDT might be good to look into.


Ladders. -Go something like 2-5-8, 2-5-8 etc until you can't get 8.


Just saw this, a better explanation of ladders...


^thanks ill check it out


have a shorter amount of rest between sets, an example is 30 sec to 2 minutes. that in itself will change everything. i would add a bit of weight also


5 minutes is a long time to be resting between sets of pullups. One way to get stronger is to increase work capacity. One way to do that is to do the same amount of work in shorter time.

In a nutshell, I like what confusion said: lower your rest periods. Try 4 minutes and then 3. Once you're down to 2 minutes between sets with the same volume, add some weight.


Chad Waterbury suggested doing them daily. What is your frequency?
Adding volume puts joints at risk use handles/rings to be on the safe side. Plan B would be neutral grip.