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Help On A Cycle

I just purchased 200 dbol tabs (10mg/tab) made by British Dragon, Clomid (50mg/tab), Nolvadex (20mg/tab) and Cytomel T-3 (25mg/tab). This will be the first time I’ve done a cycle that includes anything other than the dbol itself. Does anyone have any advice as to how to stack the other 3 on top of the dbol for optimal results? I’d appreciate the help. Thanks.

what are you trying to do?? are you trying to put on mass with the dbol. are you cutting with the cytomel? i doubt you have 25 MILLIGRAM (MG)TABS OF CYTOMEL (MCG. IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE.) my advice is to learn all you can before you put a fucking steriod in your body. have a goal mass/cutting, you ain’t gonna’ do both brother.