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Help on 3 day Split

I just recently changed up my lifting program to a 3 day split. The place i got it from suggested to workout MWF and have all the other days off. My question: can i workout more then that without over training? i.e. can i lift 3 days in a row, take 2 off, and then restart the cycle? or, with the three day split, work 2 days on, 1 off, 2 days on? thanks for your help.

My stats, if needed, are 5’9, 140 pounds (up from 125 in march), 20 years old, and have been working out consistantly for about 4 months now.

And, on an unrelated note, what is the best way to determine body fat percentage?


Cant really answer your question without knowing what this program consist of.

Though, if it is suggested that you do it MWF with the other days off there is most likely good reason for it. Remember you grow during recovery, not in the Gym.

For more advice post the program, or if you want to w/o more days a week simply find a program that fits that.

Hope that Helps,


You have to bulk at a slow but constant rate 1 lb/month for the next years controlling your bodyfat. Therefore choose a proper T-Nation bulking diet. Concentrate on a few productive compound exercises. Phill gave you a wise advice: “Remember you grow during recovery, not in the Gym”. Therefore choose a 2 or 3 days split but don’t train 2/3 days in a row. Even if you alternate upper body and legs, there is an “overall” fatigue in the body. I’m always talking about ABBH: day1 upper body, day2 off, day3 legs,day4 off, day5 upper body etc. Talking about a 3 days split, you can put day7 (the 4th workout) on monday.

[quote]frisbee wrote:
And, on an unrelated note, what is the best way to determine body fat percentage?[/quote]

Underwater weighing is the most accurate; however, the seven site skinfold test using calipers is relatively close.