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Help on 1st Cycle

what’s up, im 27yo, been thinking about getting on PEDs for a while as i’ve hit a wall size and strength wise for a few years with optimized training, diet and recovery + im aware that my goal physique is very likely not something i can reach naturally. I’ve asked for advice on a few forums already and im trying to get as much info and feedback as possible (including articles) in order to get the best protocol relative to my goals + risks im willing to take.

My current stats are 6’6 for about 240-245lbs. im cutting atm, here’s a recent picture

all gyms have been closed since october where i live so i’ve been doing weighted bodyweight exercises in PPL split 3 to 4 times a week, abs at the end of the workout 2-3 times, sometimes i’ll have a whole session just for abs, cardio 2-3 times a week.

Diet is pretty basic, oats, eggs, egg whites, chicken breast, white rice, potatoes/sweet potatoes, tuna, lean beef, green beans, broccoli, greek yogurt. right now im doing a carb cycle, 0g carbs twice a week, 50 to 200g 3-4 times a week (workout days usually), and 1 cheat day. i supplement on a multivitamin (specifically covers the vitamins i’d get from fruit since i dont eat any) and fish oil. im also on finasteride, very likely that i’ll switch to dutasteride soon.

my goal would be something like this

as far as steroids, based on what i’ve gathered so far it seems like the best idea for me would be a blast and cruise instead of PCT (this is based on personal preference based on my understanding of both methods. im doing this long term and therefore i dont feel like crashing constatntly for a few months, being forced to feel like shit while looking forward to the next cycle like a junkie).

it looks like for a beginner like me the best thing would be something like 200 mg test C every week, maybe add boldenone (not sure about that yet), and arimidex to halt undesirable effects. i still dont know how this would work as far as dosages and how i’d switch dosages after how long (cruise) etc., which is why i’m here to ask for feedback from people who know alot more about this stuff than i do. thanks for reading. also what do guys think about sustanon 250 and ecdysteron?

It’s hard to tell based on how you flexed your delt on that upper body picture, but I’d bet you’re already visually comparable to that goal picture if you just lean out.
Already got a better chest and arms IMO

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i think the picture just has a good angle lol no way i look anything close to that guy (you can google him you’ll see). if i did, i might be happy with my level (not 100% sure about that if im being honest though lol)

Even though I’m guilty of it myself, I think trying to achieve someone else’s physique is a recipie for let down. If it were me, in this case I’d lean down to around this guys same level and compare notes with like poses/pump. Figure out what’s different and what is actually changeable. You can always add size, you can’t change insertions and height/proportions.


of course, when i say his physique is my goal i mean as far as getting that level of leanness + mass (roughly). obviously i’ll never look exactly like him.

First cycle should always be simple and built for success. Testosterone 500mg/w split dose for 12-16 weeks, AI (aromasin or arimidex) on hand in case it’s needed. No orals, no other injectables, just test. You’ll learn a ton about how your body responds to steroids, how much your calorie needs change over time, etc.

You say you want to blast and cruise. Makes sense given your plans. But do yourself a favor, have your PCT meds on hand anyway. In case things don’t go well or life changes dramatically you’ll want to have what you need to recover in your possession. It’ll cost you $40 and it’ll be like an insurance policy. Also, be 100% certain of your source before you start. Like, willing-to-bet-your-health-on-it certain. Leave no room for error. After that you just eat right and train hard, you’ll get where you want to be.


got it, is anything below 500mg considered worthless in terms of potential results?

Since you are planning on blast and cruise, start with cruise. You will learn some stuff during that time. You want to cut anyways first. Cruising is the best time to cut.

When you want to blast, start low like 400/wk. See if you need an ai. If all is good, bump it up if you are doing like 16wks (if shorter, just ride out 400). A lot of this game is figuring out what works for you.


No, worthless would be the wrong way to put it. But think about it this way: you’re going to buy a lottery ticket for $10. You can choose between the one that has a payout of $50 or the one that has a payout of $75. Which are you choosing? The $10 you’re risking is at the same amount of risk irrespective of which one you buy. Everyone buys the higher payout. That’s what a first cycle is. Maximum gains with minimum side effects is the goal. Taking 300mg is more of a no-man’s land than 500, because e2 management is trickier. You’re halfway needing to take an AI and halfway not. Maybe. It’s a tougher spot. But 500 seems to be right in the range where you feel great even with higher e2, and crashing it is much harder. The difference in potential gains between 300 and 500 is substantial enough to make it well worth it.

Edit to add: what Ben said about cruising first and cutting is very good advice. If you’re aiming to really cut hard first then absolutely do it that way.


yea i heard that before, so what you’re saying is at say 200mg i’d risk encountering undesirable effects at a trickier-to-handle dose than what i’d get with 500mg, while potentially making considerably more gains at 500?

Most don’t get any sides at 200, and don’t use an ai. It is what I cruise on. It is probably considered performance trt. My tt was 1223 ng/dl on that dose. I’ve done 600 no ai without side effects. It’s worth it to figure out your body.

You probably won’t make significant gains if you are already developed though, but it is great for muscle retention.

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so start with something like 200-250 for a few weeks and once i plateau i up the dose a little? and im guessing once you get to a certain dose you need to come down for a while obviously, how do you determine that? is it based on your bloodwork? how you feel?

That dose would be your new baseline, what you come down to. I would stay there a few months. I would use blood work, bp, and how you feel to determine your cruise. You also should strive to have your cruise Be sustainable health wise.

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i see, thanks for the explanation, very helpful.

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No, I bet 200mg/week will help you bust through your plateaus, but it will not take you to your goal picture you posted.

I was going to make the same suggestion as @mnben87 and say start on the cruise and see how far it takes you. Get that new baseline then run a blast of 500mg/week.


would you advise i get as lean as i can naturally and then start a cycle to bulk? or could i get on test while still cutting? im definitely not in a hurry so im more concerned with doing what optimal as opposed to whats “fast”

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If you’re for sure going to make the move to TRT, then not really a point in waiting to start the cruise. I know you said you’re willing to wait to do what’s optimal, but I’m this specific instance I don’t think you need to. Optimizing your testosterone is doing what is “optimal”

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got it, i’d much rather start cycling after the gyms reopen and i can get back on my regular routine and get my numbers roughly where they were when everything closed, but if this situation persists well into the summer i’ll just start and keep doing what im doing right now as far as workouts go. would definitely be alot better with the gym open but it is what it is.

I certainly agree about the blast part of it. No way should you start a cycle if you’re not able to train properly.

No, you would lose too much muscle.
You have good size, so you can do low dosages. Take 250 test, just to preserve muscle, lose a few pounds, then add 30mg Stanazolol for 8 weeks and then switch to 50mg Anavar and we will see what you have then. 250mg of test is safe to run almost all your life so its no biggy.