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Help Not Using Protein Shake or Creatine Supp

Hope some body can really help me out with this,been training for few years now but had some set backs surgery’s etc over the last year and been given strict diet by doc at the moment.not allowed dairy products,chicken only some veg etc also i stopped supplements…So any way I’m on a diet of tuna and steak at the moment
Have approx 3 tins tuna during the day and steak 4 eggs and tin of beans in the evening…pretty much a high protein diet, 5/6 meals a day/ Tin of tuna post work out
My current weight is 73kg 5ft 11" body fat 11"
Would love to hit 80kg weight but finding it hard with diet
Any suggestions would be great ?
Training routine is

Monday: rest
Tuesday:Chest & back
Wednesday:Arms & shoulders
Thursday: Legs
Friday Rest
Saturday: Chest & Arms
Sunday: Legs

You really don’t need supplements, you can make great progress getting your nutrition from meat, fish and eggs. You can easily hit 80kg, if you are getting the calories in.

As for your routine, it isn’t balanced. You are doing chest twice a week and shoulders once, but only doing back once. Your proportion of pulling to pushing should be at least one to one. For every chest exercise you do you should be doing a similar volume of rows and for all the overhead pressing you are doing you should do a similar volume of pull-ups/pulldown machine.

If I were you I’d choose a well-known proven routine and stick to it, instead of trying to make up your own one.

Where’s the carbs? You can’t expect to reasonably gain weight without carbs.