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Help - Newbie


Hey, i am a newbie and trying to do the V-Diet and lifting... my aim is to be fit and lean... few concerns though..:
1. i want to do V-Diet for 8 days starting from tommorow since after that there is a celebration in the family so take a break for 5 days and then continue again.HOw much weight will i lose in 8 days considering that out of 8 3 days i will be doing circuits at home since gym will be closed?

  1. wll i lose weight from my bust (concerned since already flat chested :frowning: )?

thanks.. appreciate speedy response


Hi there :slight_smile:
How much weight you loose can't really be told....lots of factors to think about...water weight, fat loss etc. You could loose 5 pounds or 2 ...also depends on how lean you are right now..

Also you cant choose where the weight falls off first, most likely you will loose in the bust, but you never know it might fall off your butt first.

Sorry...set in stone answer can be given

Good luck!


This forum would probably be helpful as well.



The goal to be fit and lean is a long-term one I'm assuming. So why are you focusing on what you can do in eight days?