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Help. New to This


Hey Guys,

I am new to this, I will be 37 tomorrow and yesterday found out my test levels are low. I went to the Dr. cause I finally realized after looking online that, my test levels could be low. I was more shocked to find that after eating right (No red meat, only good carbs, portions, no soda's, only water, etc and going to the gym) I gained 8lbs WTF? anyway, I explained all my symptoms, I have them all.. test came back low T (Not sure of my number)

I called after not hearing from the Dr. for a few days, the nurse informed me the results I was a bit shocked I guess and didnt ask the exact numbers, they called in Androgel to the pharmacy.

I am concerned however I have a 3yr old son, a wife who is a little paranoid, etc of the gel and possibly giving one of them a dose in advertantly, she does my laundry, etc. and I don't want to miss closeness with my kid..

I did some research and noticed about the shots, how can I convince my dr. to give me the shots verse the gel? I say I would rather do the shot cause I know me and I know I will constantly freak if my son puts his arms around me and could possibly touch skin..

I noticed on here about HCG, etc. should I discuss all this as well? Should I go to a Endo prior to starting this?

(A little background on me, I have lifted alot previously kind of stopped when wife was pregnant) Prior to her becoming pregnant I was 235 (All natural) 6'2 (not fat, but not skinny either I have a pretty wide build.) I am now as of last Dr. visit 298 I have not eaten right for a little while and even with eating right this is going the wrong way..

I mainly wanted to state the only supplements I have done prior was some thermogenics (revxp, hydroxy cut when it had ephedrine) Glutamine, multi-vitamin, B-complex, Green Tea, and Whey protein...

I'm not looking to get big or anything I want to get normal, some extra muscle would just be a good side effect.

I have 3yr son and a 16yr old son, I have noticed trouble keeping up with my 16 yr old and it scares me with my energy level how I will be able to keep up with the 3 year old in a few years..

Ohh and I dont want prostate cancer...heh

seriously any help would be greatly appreciated...


KSman has compiled a extremely useful list that SHOULD be addressed with yourself and ANY doctor you see, doctors tend to over look simple tests that may have an underlying cause to low T.
Challenge your doctors.
There is a broad base of knowledge here, Purechoice, KSman and many others have dedicated a lot of effort to help guide those of us who have been in Your same situation.


Take a Moment and read through these and other posts and stickies. Try to get copies of your blood work and post
I feel your pain my friend


Get a bigger picture: http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/ItemLC322582/Male-Panel-Blood-Test.html

Why avoid red meat?

Read the advice for new guys sticky and come back with more info.

Read some of the threads of other guys to see how things progress.

Endos are mostly useless, as are urologists. They have no interest in doing things right or even learning what that is.

Always get and retain copies of your labs. When you post lab work, post as a list and always include the lab ranges.

Are you using iodized salt? [Sea salt does not have iodine unless labelled as iodized.]


First thanks for the responses guys

I stopped the red meat (Not completely) but really eat more turkey/chicken now then before, just less fat, etc.

I don't use much salt, but we have both in the house, should I not use Iodized salt?

I am making an appointment back with my Dr. to get full labs as I noted in the other posts to have a good full baseline, now realizing I am low, it explains a lot like why I literally feel like I am ready for bed and have felt so since 4pm..

I did not start the gel yet, honestly it freaks me out to have that on and the remote possibility of it coming in contact with my son, he already has a couple severe allergies and is sensitive skin already.. I called the Dr and asked him what my other options where and he said its that or the patch, he never mentioned injections, which I personally think I would be better with, if I have to do this forever I would rather just stick myself twice a week then have issues with if/when I can go swimming, wonder if I am low cause I sweated to much out in the sun, or, lord forbid if someone touches the area...


Iodine is essential for a multitude of functions in the body mainly thyroid, read through the "stickies " above, ppl have posted links on this topic, read on other post ppl have inquired on and their symptoms and resolution of treatment.

As far as androgel goes which I'm on, if you choose to use (if needed read stickies) go by the label as far as contact goes. I'm going to inquiry with a very good friend of mine that is extremely knowledgeable in transdermal adhesion I've wanted to know also I'll email and ask, as I'm sure someone here will know too., I believe the label states 3-4 hours before swimming, showering.

Back to topic, get a copy of your blood work and post you will get a much better response


Many who get on T-patch quite for various reasons.