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Help Needle Shopping- Size/Switching Sites

Hi all,

I’m really struggling with what to buy- could someone help me with what to buy from this supplier- link below.

I’ve just been pinning quads and occasionally the Mrs does a glute for me. I want to include shoulders now.

I’m generally going to be drawing in the range of 0.25ml to 0.33ml (breaking 1ml vials and drawing them into 3 or 4 syringes).

I want to use different needles to draw as to pin.

Up until now I’ve been using free steroid packs from a pharmacy for steroid users but want to move away from this and buy my own stuff so I don’t feel like some sort of junkie scoring their needles from a boothe.

Currently drawing with a 21g and pinning with a 23g. TBH the 23g feels pretty big and at 1 1/4 long feel like I’m going very deep in my quad- its all that comes in those packs.

If you can help with what type to buy from here I’d really appreciate some support.

Thanks in advance


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