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Help Needed

How does someone verify a source since most discussion boards ban the listing of specific sources? My friend was supposed to supply for me but that fell through last minute due to some unfortunate events so I am left with the risk of buying from overseas. I have done some research but Im really not ready to lose 700 dollars on a gamble. I was wondering how to make sure that the source i was going to use is legitimate?

best thing to do is make a small order to begin with. See if it arrives, if its legit, and how it is packed. - Most good sources will do what it takes to make your package as successfull as possible in clearing customs undetected.

Another good way is to PM people on boards (make certain they know you) to ask them to verify a source. Often mods on steroid heavy boards are a great resource but they won’t help you out if they don’t know you.

As the source for references, any reasonable source should be able to provide them. . .