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Help needed

i need some help in getting cut my stats are
height 6’1
age 15
wieght 195 lbs
body fat 20%
i would like to get to the singal digits by feburary starting monday i only have vitims,bcaa’s and fish oils available to me.could one of the contributers to t-mag design me a diet catered to my needs as i have no idea what i need to do as this will be my first cutting phase .

T-mag has a dozen diets available to you already, all pre-made and ready to be applied. Read the FAQ section for links or check out the current “Reader Mail” section. Read all the diet articles and find one that best fits your needs. Skip the supplement recommendations in the articles and just use what you have. Then read the “Youth Gone Wild” article in the previous issues section. If you need help after you do all of that, we’ll be glad to help you along.

And just a big brother tip from me to you: people judge you by the effort you put into things, even a simple post to a message board. Your post contains six spelling errors and over a dozen capitalization and punctuation errors. (And a run-on sentence or two.) Usually, I would ignore such a post, but since you’re 15 I’ll just offer that bit of friendly advice.

Good luck with your goals.

I realize you’re probably new to this forum, but I can’t believe how lazy people can be. Did you even try the t-mag search engine? They have written several articles describing what you are asking…Do me a favor and look around for a whole 5 minutes!