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Help needed!!

I had the flu last week pretty bad and I think that the symptoms were exagerated because of the many stresses in my life. I am a 17 year old junior in high school(the important year), a lacrosse player and a hockey player. Adding to that I would also like to have a somewhat normal life. Now I am not complaining here, I just need a little help. I have hockey four times a week and since it is still pre season for lacrosse I only have that three times a week. I play defenseman for both sports because I am a pretty big guy (6’4 210). The real problem is I that I do not have time to lift four or five times a week. I love to lift so giving it up is out of the question. I lift for functional strength and injury prevention. I try to focous on big, fast lifts. I need power and speed for my sports so olympic lifts and odd lifts are what I prefer. What I just can’t seem to get together is a simple three day a week program that addresses my needs. I am not asking anyone to design a program for me, all I need is some comments as to what are the all around best excercizes that get the bang for their bucks worth.

Chris, an exercise that will help your explosive strength for giving and taking hits in contact sports is the clean and press from the floor. You can use both dumbbells and a barbell for variation. If you don’t have access to a gym or time to go there, invest in a heavy medicine ball (15lbs. or more, First Place balls I’ve found to be the sturdiest) and throw that around (the possible exercises are almost endless). Medicine ball exercises can be very sport specific and are great for contact sports. Good luck. Since you’re only 17, you can get so much bigger, stronger, and faster!

Overhead Squats and Push Presses will help you achieve your goals. Overhead Squats are the most functional lift that I can think of.


In-season is not the time to embark on a full bore heavy weight training program. Especially since you play 2 sports it will be hard enough just maintaining your current strength and mass levels. What I recommend is you just try to squeeze in 3 or 4 short yet productive sessions per week for as little as 15-20 minutes per session. You might do cleans or snatches one day, incline press the next day, and squats the next on nonconsecutive days. Do about 4 or 5 sets per exercise and make sure you eat and rest optimally.

split your schedule in 3. Use 3 main lifts for each day. Squat-overhead presses, Bench-calves, Deadlifts-back. Simple routine that focuses on the big lifts for strength as well as to add some lean mass on your body. laters pk

I think you already have a pretty good idea of what to do. Limit your weight training days because you are still in season. During the off season is where you really need to kick ass in the gym. During the in season I would suggest doing more olympic lifts, snatch would be my first choice, and some squats and deads. Keep with those and SOME supplementary lifts but don’t go to hard. This is a time to MAINTAIN, the off season is where you grow and progress.

Thanks guys. I think that I have a program now. Day 1- Clean and Jerk, Power Snatch and Incline Press. Day 2- Overhead squat, push press and step ups raising the opposite leg thing that was in booming biceps. Day 3- Snatch, Front Squat and snatch pull. And after every workout I will do some stuff for my core like russian twists, evil wheel etc… I think that this will work for me. I didnt list reps or sets because thats going to vary from day to day. What do you think?

i would say snatches 2x a week and clean 1x. For snatches either do power snatches and someover head squats afterwards or if you are pro then just do full snatches (a lot more technique needed and complicated though). box squats ala wsb and pullthroughs have been helpful too.