Help Needed With Winstrol Cycle.

Hey guys, i am 20 years of age and last few years iv been training hard and bulking up and have now reached the point where id like to lose a little fat and cut up with some lean muscle. So i am about to take a 6 week winstrol only course. Basically im just stuck on a few things.

  • Should i take one 50mg tablet a day (shud i take it at one go and what time roughly before training etc)
  • How much milk thistle do i need a day
  • will fish oil from a local drugstore help me with joint pain while on windrol
  • If i run PTC nolvadex for 6 weeks straight after my windrol cycle will that be fine

feedback will be very helpfull thanks. :slight_smile:

Good effort, but a winstrol only cycle as your first cycle at 20 years of age isn’t a very good idea.

Wait until you’re at least 21, and until then do some more research.

For what it’s worth, I strongly suggest you wait until you’re older, and I’m a 21 year old who’s already completed his first cycle.