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Help Needed with Weight Loss


hope someone can help me on this one,im a 32yo male 219 lbs and 21% body fatand i cant shift the pounds
im olympic lifting 3times a week and doing 20 mins h.i.t training after that,im crossfiting 2-3 days aswell and doing 20mins h.i.t after that too,so ball park in the gym 90mins per day and sometimes do a 30min walk on treadmill in the evening,im a physical therapist so on my feet alot of day as well.

diet wise im trying to stay away from carbs in a paleo way,generally have porridge in morning and then take in carbs in a carb drink during and then in noodles or wholewheat pasta after my session. other than that dont eat any carbs aside from fruit and vege.

my protein intake is about 350-375g a day mostly from a mixture of chicken,beef,eggs and pretein shakes and this is eating about 6 meals a day.my fat intake is around 74g mostly through the food intake and some fish oils.
i worked out my cal intake should be 3200kcal and im trying to get in and around that and let my defeceit be caused by the excircise.

i have been to a nutritionist but didnt really get anywhere she had me on about 2800cal and i lost a couple of pounds and some bodyfat for a few weeks but it then when backwards.that seems to be a pattern,went on strict paleo for a while and same thing lost some weight and some bodyfat for 2-3 weeks but then i just started putting on weight again.and its not like im a snacker or crave chocolate or drink soda so cant figue it out.

my own thoughts are maybe im not getting enough calories but idont want to take more incase it isnt because its hard enough to shift what i have.
i also believe that sleeping pattern is an issue, im a night owl and find it hard toget to bed before midnight and up around 8-9 am ususally get 7-8 hours sleep but can be tired when waking.
so hope someone can help cause im baffled by it


watch the video, listen to it, learn from it, be it, take everything from it. You will lose lots of weight.



thanks for the reply nate,
but think that only masks problem and would prefer to know why,rather than take a bunch of pills
prefer natural method thanks anyway


Paleo doesn't really stay away from carbs at all (thought you could do a Paleo-low-carb-diet), you get 30-50% of your calories from fruits and vegetables. But what you're describing doesn't sound very paleo either...porridge, noodles, wholewheat pasta. Not paleo, or low carb. If you think you've been doing either Paleo or Low-Carb you may be fooling yourself.

Paleo is easy, if you couldn't eat it raw/unprocessed don't. Low-carb is self-explanatory, but no one who is on a low-carb diet would consider porridge, pasta/noodles acceptable. We can go into the arguments for Paleo and/or for low-carb, but the diet your on now, doesn't sound like it'd hypothetically give you the benefit of either.



"Mini-article from Jamie Hale - interesting take on nutrition.

To be really lean you need to eat clean foods?

By Jamie Hale

This is another myth perpetuated by the bodybuilding community. I'm sure everyone knows someone who seems to eat horribly (Oreos, fries, Doritos) but stays relatively lean. Their food choices may not be the most nutritious, but their calorie consumption is below maintenance. Refer to Chazz Weaver's "Downsize Me". Weaver's experiment consisted of eating McDonald's every day every meal for thirty days. He lost weight and his blood lipid profile improved. The next time your favorite nutrition guru tells you that you have to eat clean at least 90 percent (90% rule equals 100% nonsense) of the time or you can't lose weight, tell him he's full of BS.

According to Endemann and colleagues (2002), the possible reasons that people are fat include sedentary lifestyles, constant availability of foods, and the promotion of highly palatable, high calorie foods by the food industry. I agree with Endemann. Looking at it from the other end, some nutritionists tell us that if we eat clean foods, we don't have to worry about getting fat when gaining weight. Sumo wrestlers eat very clean compared to most other people. They are perfect models of leanness (obviously sarcasm). Eating too much, regardless of food content, makes you fat. Numerous factors influence the ratio of fat to skeletal muscle gain when increasing weight (refer to the P-ratio.

While I don't agree 100% with Jamie (especially the cheap shot at Berardi), he is considered to know what he is talking about.


Personally, I have tried to do G-Flux where I would eat above maintenance (4000-5000 calories) but exercise a lot. 2 hours of cardio and 1 hour weight lifting per day. I did lose a little weight but the problem was that I could not keep up the activity level and it was cutting into my sleep time. So I am back to a moderate calorie diet (2000 - 3000 calories) and less exercise and I am finding it to be WAY easier (except for the hunger, lol) to continue to lose weight.


"eating too much, regardless of food content, makes you fat"

i have heard gary taubes dispute this heavily in one of his lectures. i can find the link if you really want it, but his basic premise is that you can eat anything you want and as much of it, as long as it isn't a grain and you will not get fat. once your diet is composed of lean meat, fibrous vegetables and good fats, you can eat as much as you want and you will not gain fat.


Is nuts considered a grain by Gary Taubes? My brother does not count calories and eats very clean. When he started to eat more nuts and thus higher calories, he started gaining weight even though his activity level is about the same or actually more than before.


of course, eat 10k calories/day and your metabolism will adjust to 10,000 cals. Get outta here, oh noes, I had the grains, now I be fatz


Whilst i'm sure theres a lot of truth in this it seems like god awful advice for 90% of the population.

People need to learn to eat clean and control what goes into their bodies if they are serious about losing weight.

Most people will never make any progress with fat loss if they are telling themselves they can eat whatever they want in small portions. They simply wont keep to it.

Far to many people seem to want to do everything EXCEPT diet and exercise in order to get the body they want and its just fuckin pathetic.


Well the exercise part is very easy, if only the diet part was not so difficult (at least for me). I think Chazz also did a ton of exercise and he already was LEAN with a good amount of muscle mass, so it was not the best example. I still have a hard time believing that sumo wrestlers have clean diets - are there no candy, ice cream, fast food, etc...in Japan? or at least in jidĂ…?-hanbaiki that they might sneak in? lol