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Help Needed with Self TRT


I am new to this forum/site and looking for help with myself prescribed TRT…

After a long history of using anabolics I am now suffering primary hypogonadism… My LH is mid range and FSH is on the higher end of normal. However my test level is low end of normal (12nmol) which is why I believe I am suffering low libido.

I have started self TRT and began taking Test Enanthate (pharmaceutical)125mg split sub q twice per week on Monday morning and Thursday Morning coupled with 250iu HCG on the same days. After four weeks I had blood drawn on a Wednesday morning and the results were as follow: Test 19.6 nmol/l and E2 111 pmol/l.

I decided to slightly increase the test dosage to 175mg per week and again after four weeks had blood drawn on the Wednesday morning which gave me a test reading of 26 nmol/l and E2 128pmol/l.

Thinking my test level was now good but still suffering poor libido, I decided to try and lower my E2. I would split a one mg pill of Arimidex into quarters using a sharp knife and took one quarter tab .025mg twice per week on injection days. After four weeks my blood work showed that test remained the same but E2 was down to 44.7 pmol/l which I believe is too low… I have read on this forum that generally the optimum E2 level is 80pmol/l.

I would next like to reduce the Arimidex dosage to 0.125mg but the pills are too small to cut them into this size. I have read about about mixing the pills with Vodka but not keen on the idea. I would like to know if there is a compounding company that could supply my Arimidex. I am in the UK.

I would greatly appreciate any help/input you guys can offer. Fine tuning my TRT has not been easy so far.

I am 39 years old and have checked oral body temperature which is all good. I have also had blood work done for many things provided by a TRT doctor… He said I would benifit from TRT.