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Help Needed with Gyno


Hi there, im kez new to all this and hoping ill be able to find the answers i need..

so from the start im a 26 year old male, been lifting for a year..
6.0ft, 13st,12bf..
i started taking a cycle of naps (small blue tabs). cycle was fine..

i then started another cycle of injections cant remember the name, half why through the cycle i got these lumps behind the nipples (gyno) from what i can work out..

ive seen lots of people discuss it and talk about it.. saw sakas on here..
i guess what im trying to say< with out having to go to my doc, is there anything i can try as a last resort.. my guy cant get a go variatiy of stuff. so is there a reliable site/guy i can get whatever it is ill need..

not to clued up on everything so if you could right what i need in some sort of plan/cycle ill be very greatful..

thanks Kez


get blood work done to see where your estrogen levels are at.

I would recommend getting an AI like arimidex and some nolva, use .5mg EOD and 40mg ED respectively


Did you read the gyno sticky at the top of the steroids forum?