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Help Needed with Cut

Hey guys,

I’m a 29 lifter with around 5 years experience in the gym and played rugby for a whole lot longer. Currently not playing rugby due to family and work commitments so decided to spend longer in the gym. Not been happy with my physique so started to train 5/6 days a week back in June originally based on CT’s best damn but adapted it slightly as wanted to get some strength stuff in to stay true to my roots. It worked initially as I dropped from 115kg to 107kg however I’m stuck at 107kg. Whilst I know that weight is not the parameter of success I also feel like my physique is not really changing as I’d like and I have some stubborn belly fat I’m trying to get rid of whilst also building some definition but to be honest I’m starting to get disheartened with my lack of progress.

Currently doing a push/pull/leg split 6 days a week on a calorie deficit diet on around 500 kcals a day. My only carb intake is pre and post workout with the rest of my meals being based on lean meat and veggies with one portion of fruit. I’ll do a refeed on a Saturday night.

My training plan basically looks like this:

Mon - Wed’s - Heavy days, work 3-8 reps. 3 working sets and 6 exercises. Presses, Squats, DL’s and row make bulk of the plan. Typically 1 hour on weights then spare time on cardio/abs
Thurs - Sat - Lighted days, work 12-25 reps, 3 working sets and 6 exercises. More machine/cable assisted work make bulk of the plan. Typically 35-45 minutes on weights then spare time on cardio/abs
I rotate HIIT cardio and abs on alternate days with Sunday a rest day.

My question and request for advice is on volume and as I’m “cutting” if I’m doing too much? I’ve tended to listen to my body and I feel fine going into the gym every session (in fact I look forward to it every day!!) despite the fact I’m currently undergoing testing for sleep apnoea. As I feel I’m hitting a plateau should I restructure my training week and go for 4/5 days lifting? I like to keep the strength stuff in as will go back to Rugby at some point and want to ensure whatever I do I try and incorporate that so I don’t lose any strength when cutting!

Thanks for any responses/replies in advance.

I’ve read that you need to keep the intensity relatively high and eat copious amounts of protein to retain as much muscle as possible during a cut, in case you’re concerned about that.

An increase in intensity may necessitate a decrease in frequency; however, if you’re cutting and you don’t care how much muscle you lose, I suppose it’s up to you.

At the end of the day, do whatever feels good for you. If you’re truly in a 500 calorie deficit every day, you should be able to lose weight easily. If you’re cutting, feeling good, enjoying it, AND seeing results, that’s amazing! I’m sure the more experienced guys here can give you better advice than I can, but that’s my 2 cents