Help Needed! Wanna Be Snatcher

I’ve been learning the Snatch for the last few months. Mostly just by trial and error and watching what other guys do but I think I need some feedback from a coach on my tech…

Perhaps Glenn will chime in here, but working on the positions would really help you get the movement down. They are covered in detail here.

I would really like some advice on technique. I’ve been working off Glen’s videos… obviously it’s a shit weight but if you have some advice about progress that would be great… I don’t want to practice shit technique for a long time like Glen says it gets hard to chance…

thanks in advance

Could be the camera angle but your shoulders look like they are lined up behind the bar. Are your knees flared out to the side as well on the set up? Also on the first snatch it looked like you swung the bar a little to far forward on the third pull.

Your second lift was better than the first, as Fugarza said it looked like the bar got out in front of you. Your hips were higher at the beginning of the first lift which may have been the problem. Other than that we’re just nit-pickin your form is solid the key now is to get more quality reps.

This is a few months on. I haven’t been practicing a lot because I keep getting sore on the top of my knee caps when I squat.
Maybe my hip flexors are too tight or I’m just struggling to adapt to doing squats.

Shoulders over the bar.
Vertical bar pull.
Knees out at the start…
More quality practice…

2nd rep was better.

First you didn’t keep so close to you, look at where you make contact with the bar on the first compared to the 2nd rep. Keep it closer to you, so be more patient and delay the 1st pull.

Looks pretty tidy overall imo.

Do the bar work progressions. Get some recordings of how fast you are with a bar.

Your speed down to receive the Snatch isn’t bad at all. Work on this.

Keep it up. One of the better self taught guys imo.

Hips are fine imo.

Shoulders are a bit behind the bar, keep them over a tiny bit more.


Doesn’t seem to want to load. Thanks for the tips… I consider Glen Pendlay my coach … even though I’ve never met him!

One last try to upload my lifts from the other day!

[quote]fortius_smith wrote:
Doesn’t seem to want to load. Thanks for the tips… I consider Glen Pendlay my coach … even though I’ve never met him![/quote]

I only see the first video. No 2nd video.