Help Needed to Gear Up and Dominate!

Greetings T-Nation,
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time lurking but the time to emerge from the dark gloom into the blinding light has come. I’ve come to seek your counsel. Here’s my background.
12% bf est.
squat 275ish? Strict Parallel
Dead 315
Bench 160 for 6 reps

Goals - I’ve been homeschooled all my life but this year (my junior year) I’m going to attended the local high school and play football in the fall and baseball in the spring. Ultimate goal would to be able to have the opportunity to play in college. I train in the gym in order to receive beliefs on the field so I’m neither a body buildier or a power lifter but you guys are the ones who get it so I hope you will be able to offer me some assistance.

Needs - help with supplements. I’ve run out of the protein whey I’ve been taking and want to get some help in picking out some for the summer. Budget is not an issue. ( within reason ) I need stuff to give me an edge over the completion (legally yes) my athletic career is on a time table and I need to get somewhere fast or I be watching another guy take my spot… Not on my watch!

Training help - I’ve read everything online by Kelly bagget ( higher faster sports) and Eric cressy. Also defranco. I’ve also read a healthy helping of the articles
on this site. I want some help with exercise selection and frequency. I need results sooner rather than later so I’m willing to eat, supplement, and train my way to stellar performance. I just want a little help from those with more experience to show me the ropes and give me some confidence in what I’m doing will lead to the quickest results possible.

I’m planning on keeping a log on here taking your recommendations and allowing you to see the results.

Can’t wait!

Well let me be the first to welcome you. There are a lot of ex-athletes on this site, so I’m sure you will get some useful info. Being that you were home schooled, did you have any exposure to sports (football and baseball) previously, or are you going to ‘give it a whirl’ and try out? If your not familiar with JV/Varisty football, and are really interested in playing, get in touch with the coach and get a copy of their strength/speed program and try to lift @ the school where the other players are. If they don’t have a specific program, check out Wendler’s 5/3/1 for Football and run it exactly how its laid out.

Im sure someone more knowledgeable with diet will chime in. I never really count calories and never had a reason to, just eat 4 or so big meals consisting of good protein, some healthy fat & carbs to fuel your training. Shakes can be helpful if your pressed on time or need calories in between your meals. Theres a lot of good diet info on this site, or you can run with the general diet from Wendlers book.

Good luck

+1 on 531 for Football.

If you are a baseball player the only adjustment I would make is to stay away from over head press initially. Take care of your shoulders. Do plenty of facepulls and rows.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to deadlift. I still believe for an athlete their is not a more important movement than the deadlift.

Nutrition is important. The biggest problem I see as a coach is our athletes claiming to eat “a ton” but lose weight. You need to be as committed to your nutrition as you are to your training. Don’t focus on the supps. Get a good whey supp and maybe creatine, you can add Fish Oil and a Multi, extra Vit. C. Very simple.

Eat. Establish a baseline for you Macros and make sure you hit those daily.

Don’t over complicate this. Stick to the basics.

Thanks for the reply bro! Ya I’ve played basketball my whole life. At 5’11" you’ve got to be really good to go anywhere so… My best bet for college is more than likely baseball. I played baseball up until this spring. Played at the top level in upper elementary. Top 50 in the state caliber. I obviously have some work to do in the weight room now to be prepared to impress.

Our football program is pretty week. There looking at me to either play wide out/defensive back or outside linebacker/tailback. We brought in some great coaches to see if we could turn thing around so this summer ill be in the gym with them plus all our teAm camps and 7 on 7s . Their doing bench, squat and Olympic lifts.

I run a 4.8 40 so I would like to get that down to a 4.6 before the season starts. My program right now is a 4 day split upper body push (bench. Db bench variation or military press, dips. Pushdowns to finish.) lower body squat day (back squat or box squat, single leg squat variation, calf raises) upper body pull (lat pull downs, weighted chins, face pulls, some type of curl) lower body dead lift (deadlift or trap bar vartion, single leg rdl, some thing else random)

Thinking about adding some barbell hip thrusts for general powningness and glute activation. Still designing my sprint work/ploy metric stuff. I usually will throw one of these in when I feel fresh enough to do it.

Looking for thoughts on the program above. Keep in mind that the whole goal is to improve general athletic beastlyness in the most time efficant way possible.

Supplements are what I really need the most help on. I’ve read plenty on general nutrition and have a pretty good grasp on that. I’m just afraid of buying stuff that is either harmful or just plain ineffective. So if some one could chime in to help me out here I would be most grateful (keeping in mind my goals etc.)