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Help Needed to Cure Glute Pain After Deadlifts


Hi All,

So I am looking for some help on what stretches I should do to correct my glute issues. Specifically guidance on what types of stretching is most effective and what type of frequency I am looking at. Moreover, should I cut deadlifts and Squats for a short duration while I try and get everything back in order?


I have recently started lifting again and I am following 60 days to fit (google it, did not want to link spam). Legs day is the only time I have any issues and it has been a prolonged battle. On legs day, I do squats followed by deadlifts. 100% of the time I cannot finish the deadlift sets because my glutes start radiating pain up into my back.

I recently purchased a good lifting belt to try and mitigate the issue and it has helped some. Before starting I rolled my IT bands and back on the foam roller for at least 5 minutes. I was able to get through my squats with no issue. 5 sets at 225 going to parallel. No pain in my back but my glutes were tight and I could feel it. I started my deadlifts at 135, got through the set and immediately pain started radiating throughout my butt. I rolled my IT bands seemed to relieve it and went to 185 and did three more sets with rolling in between. Before the last set though I just could not stand any longer and had to sit. After 5 minutes of sitting, no pain.

So I need help figuring this one out. Should I dump squats and DLs, or just DLs while I work on my glute and hip mobility? Has anyone experienced this and do you know of a good stretching routine that could help improve the situation? I am close to just saying fuck it and paying for a DPT to take a crack at it. It sucks because during the lifts no issue and I felt like I could go heavier. After, all hell breaks loose until I sit my ass down.