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Help Needed: Setting Up a Home Gym


I've been putting a little money aside every week for a while now in the hopes of setting up a home gym. (The "health club" i belong to at present just isn't my kind of place... lots of treadmills and ab machines) And I can't say much for the equipment that I do use in the place either. Right now, I'm set on a platform, bars, and plates, but I'm in the market for a good a cable station(preferrably w/ a height adjustment feature for the pulley), a good squat rack, and a flat bench.

I realize that the last two are pretty basic but I'm just wondering as far as brands go, which ones make the longest lasting and highest quality stuff. I've been saving this money for too long to cut corners and replace all my shit next autumn. So fire away.

P.S- I'm not particularly impressed with Pro-Maxima. It may just be that my gym doesn't do much maintenance to their stuff, but on the whole it seems like a mediocre brand.


check out elitefts for great equipment


I'm a big fan of adjustable olympic dbs. Buying everything you need from curls to overhead presses to kroc rows in fixed weights is very expensive, but this gives me a lot of value for the money.


check this http://www.powertecfitness.com/

I have the power rack at home with the workbench. SOLID and really not expensive.
Take a 300lbs olympic bar kit + olympic dumbbell and you start to have a pretty good home gym


Thanks for the feedback fellas. But now I'm torn...