Help Needed: Optimal Cycle + PCT for Drug Test

Hey bros - thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I’ve done plenty of research on this, but I think i’d greatly benefit from the expertise on this forum (and a nice optimization problem :wink: )

Here’s the deal - i’m in the military and I know for a fact i’ll be subjected to a full spectrum drug test in the middle of January odd. This is a full test - all steroids, PCT, opiates etc etc - basically the same as you’d find at an elite sporting level or cop academy. And no, no possibility of using things like the whizzinator etc.

That gives me 10 weeks to run a cycle with PCT, and have that shit out of my system completely. You may ask why i’d risk this - I also compete at an elite sporting level (untested) and need the edge here, as most other competitors juce.

-Addition of 10 - 15lbs lean mass.
-Plenty KEEPABLE strength.
-Pass full urine test.

-24 years old.
-Training for 7 years.
-Diet and training are in check. Will be running at a nice surplus on-cycle.
-Good mass/strength base. 1350lb powerlifting total at 165lbs, short heightwise.

  • First cycle.

Now, the cycle itself should be an easy fix - perhaps a test/var cycle using a short ester like propionate. The problem comes in with the PCT/Arimidex and the detection times of Clomid, Nolva, dex etc. etc. for which I can get no reliable info (i’ve searched). I was hoping some of the more knowledgable members could help me out.

I’ve also heard the opinion (not sold) that a var only cycle would not require a detectable pct and rather just an OTC test booster stack. I’d like to do a pct if I can do so to avoid the risk.

Would really appreciate opinions on the following:

  • Optimal cycle and PCT for goals?
  • Recommended dosages?
  • Any reliable info on detection times (not just that outdated copy pasted list floating around everywhere).

Appreciate the input bros.