Help needed on first cycle

Hi all, Just started my first proper cycle of test enth (Aburaine 250ml) per week I no some will say I should be doing more but I wanted to see if and how well I handle any potential side effects been training around 9 years on and off, did my first shot 4 days ago and now ive developed a tingling,burning, skin crawling feeling around my stomach and chest,my first thought were the start of gyno but have read this does not usually develop until a considerable time into cycle.A few years ago I tried anavar and this had the same effect 2 weeks in, ive also tried prohormos containing superdrol and had no such effects.Â

Can anybody shine some light on this as I would really like to keep my cycle going, another thought was that maybe eostrogen is binding as my chest and stomach are areas containing the most body fat I’m currently about 18% bodyfat and yes I no it should be lower.

Have got nolva and clomid for pct,any asvise would be much appreciated.