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Help Needed on Diet Planning

Hi everyone, I am writing because I really need advice from people who have tried stuff and know more than I do. I am a 4th year college student and have been working out seriously for about 1.5 years now. I recently started reading T-mag and some of the articles like Massive Eating and Growth Surge. Here’s my dilemma. I weigh 170 pounds at 19.59% bodyfat and I’m about 5’11 tall. My goal is to fain muscle and at the same time lower my bodyfat percentage (and lower fat a little). Based on the “Massive Eating” article, I calculated my daily calorie intake to be about 3800 calories. However, I also read the associated article that says following a “Massive Eating” plan mostly benefits people with lower bodyfat percentage. So now, I am totally confused about what to follow. Even if I follow a “Massive Eating” diet, what should be the macronutrient breakdown? I am wondering if I should follow a high-carb diet (45% carbs, 40% protein, 15% fat) or a lower-carb diet (50% protein, 35% fat, 15% carb). My goal is to hit around 200 pounds with about 9% bodyfat. I will really appreciate any help I can get. Also, if any supplements will help, please advise. Thanks.

wait…your almost 20% body fat, and you plan on massive eating and getting down to 9???
i think u should defenetly cut down first if your that high. i suggest u meltdown train with the t-dawg diet before u try to put on any weight