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Help Needed, Numbers Included

Blood Work, life and advice needed.
I`m 39 and just had one hell of a year, decided to divorce a year ago, first few months were great, met a girl was in love but we broke off, ever since I have insomnia and the last couple of months libido is gone, I get erections just fine but I have a hard time coming off, masturbating with porn seems easier something I always hated.

I still like my ex wife and we are trying to get back together, I have a daughter, who made divorce even more harder as she constantly complained about my absence during her everyday.

Long story short I went to a Psychiatrist and an Endo, both diagnosed me with depression, took brintellix for five days and gave up, I feel anxious but not depressed. You may ask why I´m here, well 3 years ago I asked a Total Test from my MD because I´m an avid cyclist and wanted to know my range, it came back 278ng/dl, but I never had issues with staying lean, gaining mass (my legs became very muscular because of sport) or libido.

Fast forward to last month, at the height of insomnia, worries about family life and daughter my libido just went away. With the old test range in my mind I went to one of those TRT clinics and they gave me a form for a battery of tests, I took the tests but never had the courage to go back to the clinic, I have always been against meds

Anyway the results

Total Test 289ng/dl (at 8:00AM)
SHBG 26,30 NMOL/l
Test Free Calculated 6,42 ng/dl
Test Biodisposiable 150,43 ng/dl
Estradiol 33,3 pg/ml
FHS 2,2 mUI/ml
LH 2,6mUI
TSH 1,805 uUI/ml

Test even went up from 4 years (at the time I had a major flu when I took the test and it was a little later than 8:00AM if I remember)

I just want some input from people that have gone through this before, could depression and lack of sleep for almost a year finally catch up and kill libido? Can I get my HPTA back up? Considering my number I must be secondary?

Also I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, its not active and I only found out because I have psoriasis and I had to take a huge number of tests if I wanted to take a biological med which I already gave up. Also I was on Metrotexate for psoriasis the first time I tested Total T.

Thanks and sorry for the long post

Can I ask that you include lab ranges, very important as every labs has different ranges and it gives more meaning to your numbers. Thank you for sharing your background as it sometimes provides more clues as to what’s going on. Based on your background and labs you most definitely will benefit from TRT, however once you start TRT your SHBG will decrease slightly making injection once or twice weekly important and also try to avoid large doses as this will drive your SHBG down further.

I know some folks who also have depression and once they got dialed into their protocol managing the depression became easier if not completely eliminated. There have been a few members who started TRT and became a little anxious in the beginning some even quitting TRT altogether. I’m in my 5th month of TRT and sometimes I get a little anxious but nothing too serious. How long this goes on for depends on how long it take your body to reach a balance.

I would avoid these TRT clinics, their protocols are a bit too aggressive and they tend to care more about your money versus your health. If you’re having difficulty locating a knowledgeable TRT doctor as most of us due, you might try Defy Medical. It’s as easy as signing up with Defy and going to Labcorp getting your blood drawn, you don’t even need to go in for a doctor’s visit, they can contact you by phone or via video conferencing to go over your blood work.

Poor sleep can kill your libido and cause low testosterone! TRT has improved my sleep a lot, I used to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Losing quality sleep causes low testosterone and low testosterone cause poor sleep, it’s a vicious cycle! Pre-TRT my mood was all over the place, I would go from happy to angry quickly, now things seem like there more under control. I still have a ways to go though.


Systemlord thank you! Here are the ranges

Total Test 289ng/dl (at 8:00AM) 241-827
SHBG 26,30 NMOL/l - 10-57
Test Free Calculated 6,42 ng/dl - 3.4 - 24.6
Test Biodisposiable 150,43 ng/dl - 82- 626
Estradiol 33,3 pg/ml lower than 39
FHS 2,2 mUI/ml - 1.4 - 18.1
LH 2,6mUI - 1.5 - 9.3
TSH 1,805 uUI/ml - 0.400 - 4.300

I always had great libido, the only thing that changed this past 12 months is sleep got worse and I lost a lot of weight fast in march (Riding bike and not eating, heart brake shit)

Also total colesteral went from 180 to 146 mg/dl, lab range desired below 200. Triglicedis from 87mg/dl to 69mg/dl in 14 months, range bellow 150 wanted.

I know Im at a TRT but I just wanted to have my old libido back and you guys seem to know more than the docs that just want me on AD meds. I’m sure I’m not depressed, never been the kind.

As for Defy Medical will check them out, really not in the mod for more senseless doctors. Just wonder how it would work with prescription for exams considering I need them in Brasil.

Just had another night of bad sleep, again waking at 2AM.

Thinking of trying a hpta restart, read the stick several times, English is not my first language so I was a bit confused

I start HCG at 250, for 4-6 weeks, if test raises I start Nova 20mg but stop with the HCG? All all throught the start I take AI correct?

The only thing I taper of is the AI at the end? Both Hcg and Nova I just top taking after Test and LH raise?