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Help Needed Naming Training Center

Hey Iron Brearthen !

I am officially opening a garage gym in Mammoth Lakes, ca.
It is located at 8000ft in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
Mammoth Lakes was originally founded by miners.
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, World Famous since founding in 1954.
World famous as the stomping grounds of Ansel Adams !
Backyard is Yosemite National Park.

I am vascillating between these two names, although all will be considered.
Old Mammoth Lift Shack, in reference to the ski area and its location.
Mammoth Foundry, in reference to the miners history in the Sierra
Mammoth Industrial Strength, in veiled reference to both of the aforementioned,
those that mined the area and those that built mammoth mountain ski area.

Thanks Gals and Guys !

I think Mammoth Foundry sounds the coolest, and it definitely conjures an image of serious strength. Good luck with it.

2nd this suggestion.

Congratulations Bro!

That sounds incredible. Are you going to be like a notorious high altitude training center, hosting fighters and endurance athletes during training camps?

I worked with Meb Keflezighi (American Marathoner) for the time we both lived here. He moved back to San Diego in 2013 after taking 4th in the London Olympics and Winning Boston !

I already am a bit notorious in these parts, ha.

No, this is going to be a small and focused garage a-la Monster Garage Gym, SuperTraining et al
for those who are serious about their lifting and conditioning.

Have gotten sick of the spa bullshit run by people working on their Type 2 Diabesity !

Here is video for your enjoyment of Meb, Coach and myself :


I think German Mule’s palace sounds the best but if that’s not an option, I like mammoth industrial strength.

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I live in the mountains, but its not like that.

Little dude’s running stride is nice. I don’t know anything about running,but everyone I’ve ever seen was rattling apart at the seams compared to him.

Mammoth Gains. Name should tell what it does, not just where it is.

It’s like you live in a place called Hyuuuuuge. Use more descriptively.


Good luck man. I just bought myself a 3 inch axle and it makes me think I have enough odd crap that I should follow suit.

Sadly, I used to get pissy when people would abuse equipment at my last gym so I’d probably explode at my own stuff being abused.

I lock up my Buddy Capps Texas Power Bar !

the other shit i keep in the “spa” is pretty much indestructable (Crepinseck SSB, TrapHex, 300# of 5/8" chain) .

I do see your point though …

Mammoth Iron Works

Give me a cut of the profits. Ill make rocks for you.

Mammoth Strength Forge