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Help Needed Meeting Daily Nutritional Req


I'm having a tough time figuring out my nutritional requirements based on my current activity level.

Here is my training regiment, I don't miss anything.

Chest/shoulder/tri's weight lifting session - 45minutes
Intense circuit training - 1hour
follow by boxing drills - 1hour
= 2.45 Hours total

2 or 4Mile run based on energy levels - Not sure on time, it's not hard running, it's just jogging (don't know how else to describe it)
Boxing drills - 1.5hour
Sparring - 20-30min
Total= 2hours - 15-30min running?

Squats and calf work weight lifting - 45min
Boxing drills - 2hours
total: 2.45hours

2 or 4 Mile run
Circuit training 30min
Boxing drills 1h
Sparring 15-30min
total: 1.5-2h boxing - 2-4 Mile run

Back weight training: 45min
45min fast paced walk
Total: 45min - 45min low intensity

2-4 Mile run

1hour swimming med intensity

So I guess my weekly total of exercise is:
High intensity: 2.45 - 2 - 2.45 - 2 - 0.45 = 9.35h
Med intensity: 30min - 30min - 30min - 60min = 2.5h
low intensity: 45min = 0.45h

Reason why I ask this is because, even though I do all this activity, the only way i've ever felt good was eating tons of food and everything i wanted (kfc, mcdonalds, restaurants, etc); however, I've started over time to putting on more and more bodyfat and it's becoming an issue.
Any tricks or tips to get lots of good calories in, and please no carbohydrate restricting diets, I need the energy.
I'm also not sure how many calories I should be pulling in

Bodyweight: 195lbs
height: 5'10
Age: 20


Why don't you start off by telling us exactly what you're eating now? Give a meal-by-meal breakdown including caloric and macronutrient figures.

Then people can tell you how to modify what you're doing.

If you're not willing to do this, you're probably too lazy to stick to a program anyways.


Also, I wouldn't expect much success getting leaner unless you're willing to make some restrictions.

There are no magic tricks to fat loss. It's all about consuming less than you burn, or burning more than you consume, depending on how you want to look at it.


holy shit dude that's a ton of training!

I'd guess your caloric requirements are through the roof (perhaps 18xBW), so sticking to "clean foods" only may not be practical.

Basically, the take home point is this: as long as you're meeting your basic nutrients requirements (i.e. taking 2-3g of EPA+DHA, getting ~1g of protein per lb of bodyweight, and eating a bunch of fruits and veggies + a multivitamin) the rest of your "energy calories" can come from whatever. If this means the occasional fast food meal, so be it.

however, if you DO need to lose some fat, the reduction should come from carbs, fats, or both. Though with your amount of training you could probably lose fat on a 16xBW calorie diet.


Well HK, i wouldn't call myself lazy; however, The reason I couldn't give a nutritional breakdown was because I don't follow and xyz meal plan, I just eat when im hungry and I just eat food. Thus why my question was how can I figure out based on my training quantity how much and what particular foods I can be eating. So my best guess would be: ?...

Wake up, cup of wheathearts or oatmeal, 4-5 whole eggs plus some eggwhites, 2 bananas, water, fish oil tabs, multi.
Usually protein shake before lunch with 50g vanilla whey, milk, berries, and yogurt in my shake.
Lunch is usually rice with top sirloin or chicken and another banana or apple.

snack before any weight training or boxing session is usually two slices of whole wheat bread, shit tons of natural peanut butter, cashew/peanuts, and another banana.
After any hard training, drink my own wazymaize + whey drink (50g carbs, 40g protein)

Go home, eat tons of rice, steak/chicken, and usually my own salad, which is always the same: tomatoes, spinach or lettuce, cucumbers, celery, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil.
if I train again same thing, post workout shake + dinner again.
Then usually before bed I eat like 3-4 cubes of cheese and some beef jerky (hehe) and another banana.

Reason why I find it difficult is because most people would say, hey just cut the rice...but man I feel like shit when I don't eat that rice and just dont have anything in the tank.
The reason for the bananas is ever since I started eating them I just don't get cramps anymore training...so I don't know!
So i'm trying to find a balance here because I need to drop to 175 from 195 but it's freaking difficult to train this much and not eat!

(and yes that menu is just a rough estimate, seeing as someday's i'll pig out at sushi or something...)
I've dropped the restaurants about a month ago but just have seen no bloody progress. I'm not saying i'm some magic case that doesn't loose weight, I understand less calories = less weight, but that's missing the point. The point is i'm trying to find a balance between supplying the energy I need to train this much and still be able to cut my caloric intake.


That's an interesting way to look at it 16xBW or 18xBW, thanks Jmo.
On another note, Maybe My question was too vague...
I'll break it down, i'm trying to:
Find foods that will supply me with the energy I need without the added fat storage, ie the rice (it's not that easy to gauge how much to eat when you train this much....it's like saying you should eat 4500cal instead of 5000...)
Figure out a way to calculate how much I would need to eat to maintain 195 and how much I would need to eat to drop to 175.
Find a way to drop weight slowly, and still be able to put my 110% at every session.
So it's more like possible tips for me, not so much "hey you should eat chicken breasts and brocoli for meal 2 and 20, and drop your carbs dummy!

Recommended readings are welcome too, seeing as i'm not some guru like it seems everyone here is with meal plans lol