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Help Needed: Friend's Survey


Hey everyone,

I was hoping that you can maybe help a friend of mine out who's writing her dissertation at the moment. It's a quick 7 min survey and it would be great if you can fill it out. Please feel free to share this with friends etc.





It's obvious to me Oliver is gay and was crushing hard on John. And who wouldn't, the way John's slacks cleaved his buttocks like that. And the way John used to look at Oliver over lunch with his green eyes and long lashes was totally dreamy. It's just a shame that a budding workplace romance had to end this way.


i think every survey was completely different. mine was about two women...


I got Ollie and John too, Oliver's a total arsehole. I appreciate his willingness to cut emotional ties for the sake of appropriate workplace accordance, but I'd still hate the shit out of that guy if I was John. It's only one guy though, and while he's further up in the hierarchy, John doesn't need him for comfort, he just has to learn to be a little more cynical.


I expect there's one narrative for male respondents and one for females.



I didn't really like the survey. First, there was not enough information about job satisfaction prior to the breakup to answer the post breakup job satisfaction portion. Knowing that the company was more concerned with profits than the well being of the employees isn't much to go by. Second, in part two I answered "Indiferent" as "moderately". I concluded "indifferent" was a poor choice of words since to me it basically equates to "Not at all".


Oh, I agree.

As an aside, I've never dumped a male friend. Nor have I been dumped. Is this a common thing, to break up the way you would a romantic partner? Friendships either fizzle out as circumstances change (move away, start with a different company) or there's a huge blowout leaving no one unclear as to why the friendship is ending.

Me thinks the survey was written by a woman.


I don't think I've ever really done that either. Very often when circumstances allow me to stay separate from a group of people I know for an extended period of time then I'll loop in most people regardless of how well I got on with them into the same pool as people on almost the other side of the spectrum and cut ties in order to distance myself from past memories and such. I think that's as bad as I've gotten with friendship breaking, undeservedly letting things fizzle down to a near complete separation from the bad as well as the not so bad middle man to halt recurrence.


Yea, it's never really occurred to me t "break up" with a dude.

I found the whole survey and the language used in the narrative to be a little odd.


So are we supposed to answer what OUR feelings would be or guess what we think John's feelings would be?

Either way, those dudes are totally gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Maybe Oliver realized that John was gay and that John thought that they were dating. Maybe this was hurting Oliver's chances with the ladies as they thought the two were dating also. Who the hell has a friend break-up?? This was honestly the weirdest survey that I have ever taken.

Also I am with on edge and there was not really enough info but it kind of sounded to me like John just needed to grow a pair and quit acting like a 13yo girl. If I was a boss and I had an employee tell me he needed time off because him and his best friend had a fight I think I would try to fire him for emotional instability.


I don't know, it isn't like it told me I have some awkward personality disorder once I finished.


Nor did it tell you so constantly throughout your survey journey without provocation or reasonable evidence to support that. Were it written by a woman it would have decided it didn't want to let me finish the survey after finding out I was critical of John, and then whined about it to all it's survey friends.


On the other hand it would have nagged you to finish the survey every other question, particularly when you sat back and had a beer in order to think about an answer.


And then it would have aggravated you so much about which answers it would have chosen that you were forced to choose those answers, and then it would immediately regret those answers as soon as you've exited the page and berate you for having been so silly and picked them.


Funny, my survey said they didn't care which answers I choose, but then got angry about the answers I did pick, because it knew the entire time what answers it wanted to hear, but it "wanted me to want that answer on my own"...


My survey promised it would always be understanding of my choices no matter what, but every now and then it would cough and stutter and make me feel nervous about it, but then tell me that it has nothing to do with the answers and is disappointed in me for thinking that it would react in such a way, then it would bring up my choices with my previous surveys and after getting riled up it would force me to open another tab for a couple of hours.


Two guys "defriending" each other on Facebook?

Has it come to that?


My survey offered to buy me a car if it could perform oral on me.

Now I feel icky, but I'm gonna enjoy those leather seats.


That is 5 mins I will never get back