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Help Needed For Prescribing Request

After all the great info I picked up on searches, and the feedback from the pro’s, I am heading to seem my doc to request an Anti E med.

My Total E level was 189 … I want to bring that way down.


What exactly should I ask for ???

Which drug ??

Amidex ?? or another variation ???

Doc will pretty much give me whatever I ask for.
And I do have pretty good insurance.

Pls advise …

Thanks !

Just remember, A-dex is a drug “for women” pre/post breast cancer surgery, and some docs refuse to “off label” prescribe anything. A-dex will drastically reduce the aromitization of T to E, and lower E levels.

The only thing is, a little E is good for the heart and joints, so too much a-dex is bad, REALLY bad. The “other variations” are E antagonists. They basically are site receptor blockers, not E non-converters. So while you may not be affected by high E levels, you will still have high E levels. I hope this makes sense to you…

What is the verdict on this board ???

Which one is preferred ???

receptor blockers or non-converters ??


Are you using steroids or would this be a stand alone. Are you thinking long term use? Why are your E levels too high?

[quote]Pretzel Logic wrote:
Are you using steroids or would this be a stand alone. Are you thinking long term use? Why are your E levels too high?[/quote]

Great questions that need to be answered.

Your best bet would be to use an aromatase inhibitor (AI). These block the conversion (aromatization) of testosterone to estrogen, resulting in a lower circulating concentration of estrogen in the body. Arimidex (anastrozole) is probably the best choice. It’s potency isn’t too harsh and is the choice for most users.

Letrozole (femara) is too harsh and will pretty much zero your estrogen levels unless you’re taking a fair amount of AAS, and too little estrogen is very unhealthy. Another popular choice is Aromasin (exemestane). It is much like arimidex in that is isn’t too harsh. it is somewhat newer and many people are finding it to be a better choice. I would suggest either Arimidex or Aromasin.

The other category of applicable drugs would be selective estrogen receptor mediators (SERM), or as most call them, anti-estrogens. These work as already described in a previous post. They bind to selective estrogen receptors to block their action, but the high levels of estrogen are still circulating in the body.

This is likely not your best option as the high levels of estrogen will still interact with the non-mediated estrogen receptors. You may still have mood swings, hot flashes, feel like watching chick-flicks, etc. Some people don’t get these reactions, others do.

If you’re going long-term your best bet would be to get a prescription (for ensured availability and documentation) for an AI and check your estradiol and cholesterol levels after taking it until you find the optimal dose. If you’re going short-term use (as in on an AAS cycle) I would suggest picking up a bottle from Chemone.com or another research company as it will likely be cheaper, depending on insurance.

I am currently taking 10mg per day of Androgel. This takes my T levels up to about 1200. I like it here. Feels great !

Feels Right. It has not appeared to shut down my natural production with this dose.
When I test after being off for a month, I came back at 691. But my Total E was t 189.

I can tell emotionally when the E is running high. Way too emotional, with a drop in libido. Looks like part of the Andro gel is converting to E along the way.

I like the Gel, and my insurance covers it.
(Since I have a scrip)
I will ask the doc for Arimidex or Aromasin.
Any idea what dose I should ask for ???
The doc will pretty much give me what I ask for.

Thanks for the HELP, and the previous response.

You guys should take the MD test, you know your $hit !

0.5mg/EOD is pretty typical. Another option would be research chemicals. Much cheaper if insurance does not cover the A-Dex.