Help Needed for New Regiment

Hey guys, I’m Chris!
I have been on this site the last cppl years reading articles, but now I join the forum looking for some serious advice from the best of the best. My former boss turned me on to this site and he essentially was making my workouts, i have since moved on to new employment and have been out of touch with him and stuck with the same regiment for a YEAR, i know, please don’t cast your stones just yet haha, I’ve been doing the same thing for so long now that my body will barely develop to grow anymore, very frustrating. i am not skillful enough to know how to start or new regiment, here’s my current, very basic

Sunday- Heavy Squats 5x5 (Heavy as possible)
Leg Press 4X4
Leg Curls 4X4
Leg Extensions 4X4

Tue- Deadlifts 5x5 (Heavy as Possible)
Good Mornings 4X4
Hack Squat 4X4

Thur- Bench 5X5 (Heavy as Possible)
Dips 50 (w/ attached weight/usually 5X10)
Pullups 50

Sat- Overhead Press 5X5 (Heavy as Possible)
Dips 75

And that’s it, like i said very basic. I now hand it over to you guys and ask for help, where should i go from here? Advice for a new regiment? or more things added? Anything just let me know, it would mean the world to me, Ive been seriously powerlifting for over 3 years now and am willing to make leaps in bounds, thank you for letting me join your community