Help Needed, Can't Gain Weight

hey i am a 21 year old firefighter/paramedic, i weigh 150lbs and am 5’10". i cannot gain weight for my life, if anyone has any tips on a simple diet and a workout routine that would be greatly appreciated…i am look for strength and mass…

Take an accurate food log for two days. Then calculate the calories eaten. Figure out how many you burn. You will be surprised at what the numbers tell you.

Now for the solutions.

  1. Open mouth

  2. Insert food

  3. Chew (if necessary)

  4. Swallow

  5. Repeat

  6. Buy whole milk

  7. Pour into glass

  8. Drink it

  9. Repeat

  10. Buy BCAA and Fish Oil

  11. Open container

  12. Put in mouth

  13. Add water to mouth

  14. Swallow

  15. Repeat

  16. Walk into gym

  17. Train your ass off

  18. Shower

  19. Repeat

You’d be surprised just how simple the solutions are when you look the problem straight on.

Well played, Kroby. Well played!

This offers good perspective, too. I’ve gained 15 pounds over the last couple of months and it’s still going up.

Bill Starr 5x5

look it up… AND READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL OF IT!!! (and dont customize it just do it)

and you cant gain anyweight?

5’10 and 150?

im seven years younger, your hight, and have an extra 50 kbs on you, you know how i got that?

I ATE! so quit making wingy excuses… and eat.

Track calories on i doubt your getting enough.

just stuff your face, eat anything and everything, lift hard, make sure your always adding weight to the bar. and the rest is history.

Every single pro has been on a merry go around trying to find the best, the new, the hype, and every single one has come back with… lift heavy, eat alot, keep it simple.

Good luck.

how do i calculate how much i burn

[quote]343 wrote:
how do i calculate how much i burn[/quote]

(breaths/day)x.000023876 + (#jerkoff sessions/day)x50 + (sneezes/day)x .5 + (time spent reading PGA’s useless threads/day)x500 = calories burned.

[quote]343 wrote:
how do i calculate how much i burn[/quote]

It’s in the first link I put up. Click on it and read it, man.

Few questions -

Do you eat breakfast?

How many meals a day do eat?

Do you eat before bed?

Do you get protein every meal?

It really boils down to the first law of thermodynamics…just need to take in enough so you won’t burn it all off. What remains will be bodyweight.

This isn’t fucking rocket science, if you’re not gaining weight, EAT MORE!

[quote]343 wrote:
i weigh 150lbs and am 5’10". i cannot gain weight for my life, [/quote]

Sounds like you have a tapeworm.