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Help Needed, 22 Yr Old Ran 6 week Cycle. PCT?

hi all,

I need some help.

A family has taken steroids for the last 6 weeks (unknown to me) and now seeks some help. I have no idea about steroids and the cycles so I seek some advise.

He is aged 22 and has taken steroids for the first time.

He took : Dianabol 40 mg a day
and boldanone 2mg a week

He did this for 6 weeks.

Now he is asking if it is safe to take nolvadex and PCT.

Please advise me if this is healthy or not? or is there an alternative. I do not want him to suffer any ill effects.


that boldenone dose sounds wrong to me.

Find out what the actual dose was, you’ll need to know that in order to work out when to start PCT.

sorry 2ml a week for the boldenone.

What is pct?

PCT is when you use SERMs (such as clomid and nolva) to restore your natural hormone production, which is shut down from steroid use.

Right, so now you need to tell us how many mg were in each ml of boldenone.

And let’s have a trust exercise here: is this family friend you???

This is for a family member. I am not interested in taking any steroids etc. If I did I would do my homework beforehand.

I will check with him and confirm.

its 250mg per ml

so its a total of 500mg boldenone per week

SERMs should not be stacked.

This seems rather discouraging, passing knowledge to someone at a knowledge=zero level through a third party.

See the 2nd post of the 1st topic in this forum and look at the links.

I didn’t mean to imply that SERMs should be stacked. I said “clomid and nolva” simply to give examples of SERMs. I should have been more clear.