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Help, Need to Know How to Word This!!!


Okay, ive been training secretly from my parents and ive been doing it successfully for about 3 or 4 years. I occasionally stole some of his suppliments... ex. Creatine, whey protien. I always took exact or half of the regular dose. Recently my step-dad joined the gym and I am tired of hiding my secret workouts and he wants me to be fit-er and I need to know how to tell my parents that I want to workout publicly without letting him know about my past. should I say "Dad, I've been thinking and I want to try to workout" or something else???

answers much appreciated...


If that's you in the avatar, I don't know about the "successfully" part.

And why are you hiding it from your parents?


By successfully I mean Successfully hiding it, and I want to hide it because well... thats a tough one and i guess because I'm insecure... and I am doing my best with what I have which if you read my other forum post isnt much but I'll spare you the effort. all I use to Workout is my bodyweight (pushups, situps) and a pair of 10 lb dumbells. I can do lots with those but with such a light weight, I can't get much results. My older brother is Jack Lawson If you see him It's obvious why I want to workout. I remember when he was my age he looked a lot like me. only thing is he recently moved and took all the workout stuff with him. I guess at this point I am thinking outloud


Just tell them, parents like when their kids are into things that are not illegal. lol
If you are worried about getting into trouble just say you were self-conscious about telling them.
Be honest.


Um yeah dude come on out and announce that you want to start working out. I can't imagine a non supportive answer if they were supportive of your brother.

Keep in mind that I don't understand exactly why you've been doing what you've been doing but its time to being that to an end. Short and sweet do it soon.


Thanks guys after this I will add posts tri monthly of progress... I need to eat...

I'm telling them in a few mins.


goodluck :slight_smile:


Are you trolling?


Oopsy. If you are going to troll you really need to keep a handle on which login you are posting under. Very strange post though.


Translation: okay, ive been secretly gay from my parents and ive been in this situation for about 3 to 4 years. I occasionally stole some of his stuff... Ex. Condoms, lube. I always used them or at least one time on two. Recently my step dad started frequenting gay bars and i am tired of hiding my secret and he wants me to be happier and i need to know how to how to tell my parents that I want to be openly gay without letting them know about my past. Should i say "dad, ive been thinking and i want to follow my heart" or something else???

Also, if you are actualy posting about working out the problem is clearly with your step dad as despite starting off with parents you proceed to say 'him' all the time.
Whether in the pursuit of muscle or of men or both I wish you luck.




Wait, does training still mean lifting weights?




I call bullshit on the avatar - check out those wrists =P


Hey posted under a different account a few posts up... busted.


He says the other one is his brother it really might be legit. yes its strange but not the strangest thing I've seen on TNation, The internet, or IRL.


Not strictly. ie: marathon training, puppy training, potty training, job training, etc.




Tube Steak Boogie


So much wrong in this thread