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Help--Need Some Cycle Advice

I’m planning my next cycle. I will continue my cutting with the following cycle: (I do short blitz cycles)

  1. Weeks 1-3 (4?)300-400mg./week Boldenone as a transdermal preparation. This preparation is a pure base with no ester, so it’s fast in fast out.

  2. Weeks 1-4 40mg. ed Anavar

  3. Weeks 1-3 (4?) 100mg. ed oral Stanozolol

So, I have a few questions. First, should I run the Boldenone for the entire 4 weeks, or should I drop it after 3 weeks leaving the last week for Anavar only.

Same question concerning Stanozolol: should I run it 3 or all 4 weeks? Also, is 100mg. ed too much?

Thanks for the help,