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Help! Need a Workout.


Im 21 y/o 6"5 and 260, have been lifting for a while now but seem to have plateau´ed.
Ive been doing a 5 day a week split:
Monday: Chest and biceps
Tuesday: back and triceps
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: Chest and biceps
Friday: back and triceps

My Main goals are size and strength, ive put on a good 30 pounds on the last 18 months.
My workouts are never the same, I like to keep them varied. But now they dont seem to give me the same pump or gains that they once did.
Ive been reading articles online, especially here, to find a workout that would bust this plateu, but i seem to get lost.
has anyone got a good workout they can recommend?


what kind of plateau are you referring to? Have your numbers stopped going up, or have you stopped growing?


Both, but more noticably my numbers.


Have you checked out 5/3/1 yet?


If you gained weight that was mostly muscle, then the program is fine. If your goal is mass gain and the scale's not moving, diet is the problem.

The amount of food that worked for you 30lbs ago is not the amount of food that works for you now. Ramp up food intake as you grow.

that being said -- where is your shoulder work? Pretty important missing bodypart there.


Why the hell you working back/chest/arms 2x as much as legs? Huge mistake my man. As for gaining weight, and getting stronger, first you should look at food intake before you look at routine.


^ Agreed with above poster.

If you want size and strength you need to squat heavy and often.

I would start off on Starting Strength (maybe you'll only be on it a month or two) and then switch to Madcow/Texas/ 531.

At the bare minimum (if you want to hang onto split) squat every other day. I promise you will see gains.

Also, eat.


Why are we squatting every other day now?