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Help My Weak Ass Deadlift


Hi guys, I did a powerlifting comp in August last year, but had to stop powerlifting for a little while afterwards due to an injury rather than stopping all together I just found it hard to squat and deadlift as I had a few problems the most annoying being a descended shoulder blade and its descended by quite a bit. I am 6 ft 3 18 years old and currently weigh about 95kg about 210 pounds. My squat has barely changed as I was able to do some maintenance to keep it up but my deadlift is weak as fuck and my shoulder still hurts when I pull conventional. So what I’m asking is do you guys have any good program ideas if I’m getting back into it and just wanting to grind a program out for all it can give me and also how can I get around this deadlift issue? Should I work back from the ground up or perhaps change to sumo? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EX60lle2SE in this video i explained solutions to both scoliosis and dropped shoulder issue. Do shrugs shrugs seems to be the only solution to dropped shoulder issue. Also when it comes to deadlifts well… Deadlifts is the most simplest of the three lifts since it is a dially movement every one is used to it. If you want to increase deadlift instantly check your form and go for mixed grip. Because of lack of information you gave i can’t help more it would be good idea to write your 1rep maxes your current diet and your current programming (also how much sleep you have in the NIGHT is good info to give)


Oh i forget to tell most important exercise for dropped shoulder and because that i am a new member i can’t edit my post because it is not yet posted. Go for one arm presses (kettlebell presses) do them with dumbbells if you cant find kettlebells.


Fix your shoulder before you do anything to further aggravate it.

Instead of DL, why not do box squats? You can try wide stance to get a feel for what pulling sumo would be like and use regular or narrow stance to build back up to conventional pulling. I’ve started using box squats a lot more and I think they really do carry over to DL nicely, especially if you have access to a safety squat bar.

You could also do paused front squats if your shoulder allows. I’ve also found them very helpful to my DL. Just don’t go for more than triples, I generally start to black out past that point because the bar chokes me.