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Help My Trash Super Yoke Runs



Hey guys! My yoke carry really sucks. Would love any suggestions on technique and improving it, i would usually just post in my log but i feel my yoke needs the most attention. it’s definitely my worst event.:slight_smile:

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Can’t see a whole lot from this angle, but it looks like you’re standing up with the yoke, and then you start moving with it. You wanna use the yoke’s weight to your advantage as much as possible. You want to stand up AND forward with it, so that you can catch the yoke’s weight swinging forward and propel you off the starting line.

When you watch a sprinter get off the blocks, they don’t stand upright and then start running forward, but they effectively fall out of the block forward.

This isn’t a great example, but notice how, on my run, my feet start moving BEFORE I’m completely upright.


Ohhhh. I do what you describe on farmers but didn’t know to do it on yoke


Do it on EVERY moving event. That’s where speed is hidden. I’m still a scrub, but I got MUCH faster when I learned how to use the weight of the implement as an advantage rather than letting it hamstring me. On keg/sandbag carries, you’re basically trying to fall forward the entire time. If you let the weight ride backward INTO you, now you’re carrying your weight and the weight of the implement. Hold it forward, and the weight carries you.

Another good tip on the yoke is to look well beyond the finish line. Lots of guys keep their eyes on the finish, and it means their head tips down as they get closer to the end, which makes the weight fall off them. It’s why you see guys crushing it on the yoke until the end, and then the drop it a few feet from the finish.


This is going to help a tonne! It sounds harder to integrate on something like keg or sandbag carries though. With some practice I’ll get the hang of it

A couple of times now this has happened, I’d drop the weight a metre or two from where i was meant to drop it


Cant really add much more then pwn, who hit the nail on the head with momentum

I find for me a full tilt and trying to get my knees up higher works for me, however thats only because Ive seen what works for the taller guys like thor and brian. You may have to play around with what works best for you step wise, however most of your speed generated will come from the momentum of the yoke


Think of it like a shuffle rather than a walk. Weight doesn’t look heavy enough and camera a bit far away to provide more feedback.

It’s probably worth taking 2 vids. One close to the beginning and one close to the end.


Train the yoke lighter for tons of sets focusing on speed and stability. This will not only keep you healthy, but it will actually train your body to do what you ultimately want it to do under a heavy yoke in the future; not have your knees hips and back explode…and make it to the finish line in a good time.

The best way to get your yoke stronger (in my opinion) is to get your squat and deadlift up. Surely, if you add 50lbs to your back squat, you WILL add 50lbs to your max yoke walk. You just will. I promise, you won’t even have to train yoke. Just back squat and deadlift and get strong as fuck and your yoke will go up.

To sum it up, train the yoke with medium/light weights with a large number of sets (not always, but on yoke intensive days) and short rest periods. When you’re actually training for a heavy yoke in contest, then it’s time to throw weight on. People generally are afraid to train yoke light because they feel they’re accomplishing nothing, but looking at this from a logical standpoint, walking with 150% of your squat max on your back is…asinine.

P.S. it’s not wrong to have periods in your training where you ramp up in weight to get some skills under a big yoke…just…for the love of god please don’t do what I did and explode your SI joint and send your femur through your hip at 900 km/s and compress your sciatic nerve in the process rendering your entire left ass cheek completely numb for 2 weeks.

Have fun! :smiley:


Pwn nailed it on the starts. That’s where my moving events had a turning point, once I learned to use the implement to start itself. As far as accelerating once you get going on yoke I like to think of it as a sprint. The only difference is you will be catching yourself. Fast feet are huge in yoke in my opinion.
I’m basically catching myself on a fall every step of the way on yoke. Which is why I believe ladder drills are so great for moving events, it teaches you how to move your feet fast. I basically just start leaning forward when I do the yoke and catch myself.
So basically: The faster you can recover and re-step your foot under yourself, the faster you can go.


I Gotta build that speed!!

Reason being is my technique sucks, don’t want to mess myself up going heavy. My knee popped the other say on yoke on a lighter weight😮


Yeah, i definitely don’t want to fuck myself up. I know how horrible yoke can be on the body

That makes sense

my max yoke is like 220kg, Comp weight is around 250kg but i do not want to go slow. i want to be able to do 250kg fast! Comps in april.

I’m very slow on yoke, Farmers I’ve done alot more so I’m decent at farmers. I guess i just gotta practice it alot more. I think I’m going to do yoke weekly but light everyweek to learn it better


Any recommendations for shoes for moving events? I have a pair of Salamon Speedcross Varios that are a lot more stable than your usual running shoe but might not be ideal.


I have Nike Metcons. I like them, especially for yoke.


@T3hPwnisher - what shoes are you wearing? Just curious - they look sorta like Converse but I don’t think they are.


They are. Just a set of chucks.


2nd @strongmangoals there
Metcons are my go too, flat stable soles, the last thing id personally want is a raised heel or something that will cause my ankle to roll with +300kg on my back