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Help! My Thumb!

So I decided to hookgrip my last set of deadlifts the other day, and my thumb went numb afterwards. That was about five days ago. It’s still numb. Not the entire thing, just a spot on the tip – but I’m getting a little worried. Has this happened to anybody else before?

You ever learned to play guitar and lost the feeling in your fingertips? Same thing with the hook grip, but you get used to it and eventually you’ll have a rock hard thumb tip that can withstand liquid nitrogen and the surface of the sun. Numbness is completely normal, so no need to worry.

Yeah, I had the numbness also during my hook-grip phase. By the thing htat really bother me was this exploding blood blister that I had on my thumb. It woudl swell up through the week and explode on deadlift day.

whew! thanks guys!

and the blood blister thing is disgusting

I hook grip in highland games weight-for-distance events. My thumbnail is pretty much black all season. It REALLY hurts if I haven’t pracitced for a while too, until I get used to it again.