Help My Spreadsheet!

trying to use a nutrition planning spreadsheet i downloaded off T-Nation. the layout’s pretty good but when i try to plug in my own foods the #s can get real screwy seemingly w/o rhyme or reason. i know the seemingly part is just because i don’t understand how excel works.

basically what’s happening is the food item’s i choose on the daily calculator page -from the scroll down menu linked to the master food page- sometimes don’t match up w/ the numbers i’ve entered. i’ll re-enter the numbers on the master table and it still pulls up some other figures. i’ll re-enter in different row and same thing . about half of what i’ve entered works well, the other half who knows.

when i got the program it had alot of foods already pre-entered. is excel a house of cards and i’ve upset the program by inserting non-original data ? should i just make a wholesale deletion and re-enter all of my own stuff ?

hopefully it’s an easy fix and hopefully someone can poke me in the right direction. it looks like a really useful program. thanks anyone and everyone for your time. -swivel

well she-it.
guess i’m buying excel for dummies .

where did you find the SS, it is hard to help w/o seeing the problem.

Could you post the link to the spreadsheet?