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Help my Prostate

I’ve had a swollen prostate for 2 months. All my blood work is in range. I’m at my wits end and need help??? Thanks in advance

Have you seen a Dr? Had a psa? Age? History of prostate infections?

Yes I went to the doc who did a psa and a digital exam. He put me on cipro for 1 month which did get me flowing better but when the course of pills was up I had sex and it swelled back shut. My psa was a 1.7 and the free content in my blood was 16 percent. Over the past 10 years I’ve had a few flare ups that only lasted a few days. I’ve urinated a lot my whole life. I’m taking zinc and saw palmetto daily. I’m 43 years old

I had a problem similar to this years ago and narrowed it down to the fact that I was getting reinfected by the lady I was having sex with. Not saying that’s your issue but it seems that something is causing reinfection. Maybe others have some ideas.

I responded in the other thread you have. I had prostate issues in my late 30’s. Dr’s couldn’t find any infection (only way to find infection in prostate is, what I think is called a 4 jar urine sample or testing semen for bacteria which almost no doctors do.) For me, after all the procedures and drugs, it boiled down to ejaculating A LOT. Serious. Have as much sex as possible and/or masturbation. But try to cum daily if not twice a day even if it hurts or aches. When I did that all my prostate issues went away after a short bit. Trust me, I know how miserable it can be.

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As a very outside possibility, I had the following happen to me once. I had a friend’s family come visit us for a week, but I was getting over a cold and didn’t want to have cold symptoms around them, so for that week I was taking, guaifenesin (expectorant), dextromethorphan (cough suppressant), and Sudafed/pseudoephedrine (decongestant).

For that whole week I had to pee constantly and I was wondering why it took me 3 whole minutes to pee, and when I was done I still felt like I had to pee. And this repeated itself every 45 minutes. I didn’t have time to think about it much while it was happening, but later I realized that my prostate must have swelled up due to the combo of those cold meds (which are pretty common cold meds). That was a nightmare and I’ve stayed away from those ever since.

Doc ran STD screen which was negative. I’m living in hell right now. I wonder if it’s a yeast type infection. My wife did have that a few months back. Thanks for your response bud. It means a lot

Thanks man. It felt better a month ago so I had sex, it went right back to drip pissing again so I haven’t ejaculated since. I’ve never experienced so much discomfort in my 42 years on earth. I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar, saw palmetto and zinc with no avail. I’ve even been trying to “milk” my prostate which is the weirdest thing in the world. I’m gonna take your advice for sure and try to spit the demons out. Thanks again bro!!!

I didn’t want to get too personal but that’s what I was getting from my mate at the time. Once she was treated it all cleared up.

Nothing is too personal when your suffering man. I just had some weird discharge in my urine. I’m actually feeling better today mentally and physically. I hope this is the end of it. Thanks again brother!!!

I dealt with that issue for a solid year. I was a regular at my urologists. I even had the camera ran up my dick into my bladder…that’s no fun. It was miserable. Sitting hurt like hell…like sitting on a bruised golf ball. When I orgasmed it ached and hurt for hours afterward so I stopped having sex and masturbating. I was on antibiotics one right after another. NOTHING helped other than a hot bath which was temporary.

Then one day I was at my other doctors and he said “have you tried emptying it yourself?” I didn’t understand what he meant. Then he explained to me that it’s a gland and secretes so the the more you secrete the more you’re removing from it along with any untraceable bacteria or parasite or whatever. So I started masturbating and then just happened to meet a woman who loved sex so while we dated we had sex all the time. After just a few weeks I started to feel better and continued to do so. Pretty soon all the issues were gone and I have maintained that protocol every since. Try it. It will hurt at first but give it a few weeks and keep ejaculating. Everyday…or twice a day if you can.

Thanks Trifive!!! Have a great Sunday bro!!!

Any better? Been blowing a lot of loads?

Daily cleansing. Improving daily. I may get a full nights rest tonight as I just pissed the best I have in 2 months. Still hurting to get started but once she does it’s emptying fully. Thanks again homie!!

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Good to hear!!! Keep it up and you’ll be symptom free.

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An edging session may help further to. When I do that it seems to really empty the prostate. Sometimes the stuff smells differently when I do that

With a chronic infection and inflammation there might be some immune weakness involved. Some aspects of nutrition and thyroid function could be factors. Some supplements are anti-inflammatory.

fish oil and/or other EFAs
Vit-C, natural source Vit-E
A good multi-vit with trace elements
magnesium and zinc

Try researching in that direction.

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What up trifive!!! Now that I’m peeing a stream there is a sharp pain in my prostate. Did you have an experience like this once your urine started moving again? I’m still improving slowly daily. I’m still getting up 3 times a night but that’s better than every hour. Also my urination seems to be better during the day, nighttime it slows up and drips toward the end of urination. Just wondering how long this may take to get back to normal. Ok Have a good weekend man!!!

I never had any sharp pains. Mine were always dull aches or bruised type of feeling. Keep up the daily ejaculation. It took me some time. It’s been since 2012 since I had issues but if I remember correctly it took months for it to feel way better. One thing you may look into is Manuka Honey. It has some antibacterial properties (I hate that term) in case you have an infection. Take a teaspoon a day of it. It’s expensive but I was taking that at same time…no way to tell if it helped but when you’re in pain you’ll try anything.