Help My Press

280 Log. Clean feels pretty easy and feels good sitting on my chest but I just can’t lock out. I have two weeks to be able to lock this out Ned some help. Thanks.

Skip to about 15 seconds.

Maybe doing the Z press would help a little since you start at your neck area and work on the lockout point. Just a guess but good luck,that’s a pretty impressive press too

Ill givec these a shot as a accessory honestly for some reason completely forgot about the Z Press. Thanks man took me a while to get it there unfortunately but it’s finally starting to climb up.

stick the bar on a rack over head about 4 inches from your lockout and practice pressing as heavy as you can

Your triceps are your weakness if you’re missing the lockout. Heavy DB tricep ext and floor press but 2 weeks doesn’t leave you much time.

I know it doesn’t leave alot of time but I’m really close to locking it if I could just pop it about a inch or so higher I think I push my head through and get it.

Maybe you could try bending your knees a second time (a push jerk). I think that’s allowed in the log press and it might help you get to lockout.

With only 2 weeks I’d be trying to find a form solution. How much do you feel like you’re getting out of your legs? Do you think you could transfer more power from your leg drive up through your arms?

Possibly. That’s what I have really been drilling is trying to get some serious pop from my legs I honestly feel if I could just get it a inch or two higher I feel I’d be able to force my hear threw and lock it. I’m actually about to go and press Heavy for last time before show so hopefully ill nail it would be a huge motivation knowing I can complete it before this weekend

you have to get used to heavy weight at the lockout…small exercises wont help…heavy dips at the top or overhead at highest part…